Amador County Wineries

Any recommendations for wineries to go tasting at ?

Michel, what type of wines interest you?

Rhone …

Terre Rouge and Easton Wines for great rhones and Zins. Vino Neceto is right next store and a fun stop. Another nice stop is Dobra Zemlja.

You should definitely go to Terre Rouge, then. Bill Easton has been making Rhone varietals up there longer than anyone, I believe.

Maybe Keplinger would set up a tasting? Among the best New World Rhones, period, IMHO. Contact

Agree, I am a club member and know DJ. This is a great suggestion !

Terre Rouge / Easton would be my first choice too, and Vino Noceto would be a good option. Sobon often has some good wines though they can be hit or miss. You can check out a report I did recently for that includes a visit with Bill Easton: Visits to Sierra Foothills Wineries - November 2012 You can search the Grape-Nutz site for other Amador visits I’ve done in recent years. Depending on how long you’re in the area, it’s a pretty short drive north to wineries in the Fair Play area in southern El Dorado County too. For dinner, Taste in Plymouth would be my pick. Kind of pricey for the area but very good food.

Hate to sound like a broken record but Easton/Terre Rouge is top of my list as well.

I’d also recomend Sierra Vista, Cedarville, David Girard, Il Gioiello/Morse. Some of these are El Dorado county.

Sobon can be fun but I found the wines to be very ripe. The museum there is worth the visit though and the tasting is fun and very laid back.

Go to Skinner. They are in El Dorado County, but just about 8mi away from Amador. Chris is making great wines.

+1 Terre Rouge/Easton.

It’s the winery which got me into wine. Have many bottles in my collection!

We enjoyed many of the places mentioned above, as well as Dillian and Dobra Zemlja.
As mentioned, the museum at Sobon is worth the visit, especially if you go when the huge fig tree is tossing fruit. YUM!!

Just Google “Amador wineries friendly to those who end sentences in prepositions.”

Ditto on the Dobra Zemlja. Their Zinfandel is high-octane Nectar-of-the-Gods; my favorite Zin. [cheers.gif]

C. G. Di Arie

From Bryan A. Garner, Modern American Usage (Oxford University Press, 2003):

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Bryan A. Garner, Modern American Usage (Oxford University Press, 2003):"]
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Yeah, but you have to admit, “Where are you at?” grates the nerves not only for the prepositional ending, but the redundancy. The “at” serves as much purpose as the human appendix.

…and that’s describing one of their lighter vintages…