Alton Brown Oven ribs

WE all are working full time jobs, working out after work and getting in overtime. So cooking dinner for service @ 5:30-6:00 can be interesting!!

I had some red wattle spareribs that I marinated ala Alton Brown, last night!! I added ginger, and had no Jalapeno powder for the rub and marinade liquid!! I put these things in 12:45 @ 220 convection, covered with foil. I got home about 5, and saw I didnt have the 1/2 inch pull back on my rib tips… so I upped the temp to 400… uncovered the ribs and basted with Famous Daves Mesquite sauce!! it was ok… but I dont think you can have good ribs w/o smoke!!!

Served with a day old De Forville Barbara d’ Alba


Your finish looks great!!

I’ve done these ribs a hundred or so times, w/ a little tweaking on the rub recipe for 2 1/2 hrs @ 250*. I’ve never had any problem whatsoever. Remember too, that AB is not a “fall off the bone” kinda rib guy.

I tried AB’s recipe and didn’t like them at all. Ribs need to be cooked in smoke, low and slow – no point in doing it any other way IMO.

I disagree. Cold smoke them, then cook in the oven at 200 degrees until tender and succulent. A final blast at 450-500 degrees to develop a crust, and it is a done deal.

If you’re going to smoke them then why not just get it over with? Cold smoking is a PITA IMO.


My house doesn’t like a lot of smoke in our meat products, Tom’s method … of adding 1-2 pans of wood chips, cold smoking and finishing in an oven , works quite well for us. For these I just didn’t do that,but the addition of smoke ,would have significantly helped the ribs ( as noted in my first statement ).

I like starting them in the oven with a simple dry rub for a few hours at 200 and then finishing them on the grill, sauced to develop a crust and a smoky flavor.

not if you have a cold smoker then it’s not a PITA. I smoke for a short while and then finish in the oven at a low temperature all the time. Comes out perfect and it’s the perfect thing to do if your cooking over at someone else’s house and they don’t have awesome equipment.