Alsatian Musings (Trip Report)

Fascinating - thank you for sharing this article!

really enjoyed reading your summary, Kelby—well done! My trip there was over 5 years ago. Had a delightful time, was welcomed warmly at all wineries to which we made appointments. And we had time to see some sights as well–Strasbourg, of course, but also HauptmanWillerskopf, Natzwiller and Haut-Koeningsbourg. Food was also excellent on the whole. Very memorable week for my friends and I.



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Alsace is a bucket list trip to me and I have every intention of making it and visiting Trimbach, Hugel, Bott-Geyl, Rolly Gassman, Marcel Deiss, Zind Humbrecht and Weinbach when I do. I would also love to visit Pierre Sparr, Andre Blanck and Rene Mure.

I’d go to Schoffit over almost all of them.


Schoffit is a darn fine producer.

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Agreed on Schoffit as a real standout. Kientzler is the other one that hits like that for me, in terms of being less trafficked and remarkably strong across the portfolio.