Alpine purchased by Green Flash (sorry can’t link directly but it’s the first thing on the page)

The age of craft buyers acquiring craft brewers is upon us. San Diego’s Green Flash has just announced their acquisition of small, local 3,000 barrel Alpine Beer Company. Financial terms were not disclosed.


I will argue it to my grave, the kegs coming out from Green Flash do not have the same texture as the beers directly from Alpine. I don’t know if it’s the water or what, but the seamlessness is non existent.

I hope they have an agreement where the brewpub remains independent and brews their own stuff, like they are doing now with GF brewing the kegs. Not holding out much hope for that but it has to be profitable on it’s own and if people know the beers are going to stay the same it should continue to do well.

i’m hoping all this means is an influx of cash to expand Alpine itself so they can brew more at their location.

At Alpine Beer Company this morning, Green Flash founders, Mike and Lisa Hinkley and Alpine Beer Company founders, Pat and Val McIlhenney announced that their breweries will join forces, teaming up to share resources, knowledge and experience. Both the McIlhenneys and the Hinkleys view the affiliation as mutually beneficial, and are committed to supporting each other for the success of both breweries. Each company will remain independently operated and maintain its distinct brand and culture. Pat will remain Alpine’s President and Brewmaster to oversee all operations of Alpine Beer Company while also ensuring Alpine beers continue to meet his unwavering standard of quality, whether brewed at the Alpine or Green Flash facilities. The most notable change will transpire over the next several years, as Alpine beer will become available to their legions of fans from across the country who have only experienced the greatness of Alpine beers while visiting California.

In 2015, Green Flash will begin bottling select Alpine brews in 22oz bottles adding to the three current draft offerings.


We need another Alpine trip sooner rather than later.

Dana is down in San Diego this week. I told her to buy as much Nelson, Duet and Pure Hoppiness as she can. flirtysmile

what good are wives if not to buy alpine :smiley:

And get a growler from Societe. [winner.gif]

Way to go.

I have two empty Alpine Growlers, but I don’t see making it down there until the next year. [soap.gif]

Amen. It took me a year to get over RRBC cutting Washington off. Half-tempted to fly down just to try it. Anything has to be better than Seattle in February.

I’ve only had 3 beers from Alpine: Nelson, Pure Hoppiness, Willy Wheat Ale, out of the 3 Pure Hoppiness was the best. I’ve had 8 brews from Green Flash, and to me GF West Coast IPA smokes Pure Hoppiness. All brew’s were from bottle.



Some of my favs:

Surly Abrasive DIPA (4.83)
Masala Mama IPA (4.85)
Kate The Great Russian Imperial Stout (4.83)
Trappist Westvleteren 12 Quadrupel (4.97)
Live Oak Hefeweizen (4.93)
Trappist Westvleteren 8 Dubbel (4.85)
Salvation Belgian Strong Dark Ale (4.88)
The Angel’s Share - Bourbon Barrel-Aged American Strong Ale (4.83)
Blackstrap Stout (4.83)
Mother Of All Storms Barley Wine (4.93)

And let’s not forget where I live UT, lol [cheers.gif] I’m a BA guy!


Strongly disagree with you John on Green Flash versus Alpine. I am not even sure Green Flash cracks the top ten for me in breweries in San Diego. I used to drink their beers often but they have been left in the dust by the likes of Alpine, Societe, Rip Current, Port, AleSmith, Council, Modern Times, Saint Archer, Pizza Port / Lost Abbey, Stone, etc. My favorite beer from them is their Double Stout, their IPAs are solid but not exciting. Nelson is my favorite IPA from Alpine in their regular IPA rotation, Pure is my least, just style preferences but they are all amazing beers IMO. Green Flash I would put more in the style of Stone, and I like Stone’s beers better.

Some great beers in your list, hope to have a chance to try Surly Abrasive someday.


This is all subjective. On-Tap or Growlers are always to me better than a bottle. When I did those reviews I liked the West Coast IPA over the Pure Hoppiness, but…Alpine to me was not a great brewery, but than again I’ve only had 3 of their brew’s. I’ve been out of the beer scene for years, mostly because of the WHALE SHIT going on. Some of those beers I listed were free as extra’s in my trading back in the day. Not to brag, but to have accomplished what I’ve done here in UT is pretty nice, I’ve reviewed over 2600 beers on BA (no less than a 10-12 oz.) Back in the day I could pick out a style, even the exact beer from a brewery, pretty easily. LOL I’ve always been a fan of AleSmith. [cheers.gif]

I’ve had quite a few of the Surly’s, one of the best breweries on the planet, and in a freakn’ can.


I really don’t know how to feel about this. I hope it benefits Chuck and Pat, we’ll see. I’ll be there Wednesday so maybe I can get some more info. I am one that is not sold that the product from GF is that great, I guess I’ll still trek up the hill for my fix for the real stuff.



Me too, Bud. Not sure if I’m happy or not. Of they can increase quantity and distro without affecting quality, then I’m all for it. But isn’t that the key question?

Joe, quality is all that matters. If they can make this work by letting Pat and his team keep the Alpine recipes honest then we all win, I am just curious with an obvious plan for a much larger distro plan that they can deliver a product that tastes as great as if it was brewed in the tiny brewery in Alpine when as we all know, even Alpine has had serious QC problems at that level.



Alpine is so far…Green Flash is 2 blocks from work. Hopefully quality remains the same and they start pouring at the GF location :slight_smile: