Alpha Omega and ERA!

Hello Friends,

I am pleased to announce the Berserker Day re-release of our 2013 ERA! We sold out long before Robert Parker reviewed the wine with high accolades, leaving many newcomers to the Alpha Omega brand the inability to try our flagship offering. We can only let 30 bottles go from our library…trust us, I wish we had more! Price is $235.00 a bottle.
era_soft rs.png
In addition to our ERA, we are offering our Yearly Berserker Day 30% off discount on the following current releases. Please email with orders, as well as any questions or comments you may have.

2013 Alpha Omega Sauvignon Blanc - $40.00 Retail Price - $28.00 Berserker Price!
2013 Alpha Omega Chardonnay - $72.00 Retail Price - $50.41 Berserker Price!
2012 Alpha Omega Proprietary Red - $96.00 Retail Price - $67.20 Berserker Price!
2012 Alpha Omega Cabernet Sauvignon - $96.00 Retail Price - $67.20 Berserker Price!

Cheers – Jean Hoefliger

Jean ALWAYS makes the Alpha Omega fans happy on BerserkerDay…

My aim is to please…:slight_smile:

Jean do you Ship to NH ??

Absolutely, I’m having someone reach out to you.

thank you

Not that AO (or Jean for that matter) really need any plugs but I’d get any wines he’s a part of! (So take a look at MR and The Debate offers too.) We’ve been members at AO for over 7 years and LOVE everything we’ve ever had. This is a great offer!

I just got my BD wines from AO today, GSO overnight Saturday delivery. Great service and fastest delivered ever!

Me too. Heck, order on Wednesday deliver on Friday - quick service.