Allocation for 2007 Switchback Ridge Cabernet

I just made the mailing list for Switchback Ridge and was offered 12 bottles of their 2007 Cabernet. I have never tried their wines and wanted to get feedback from anyone that has tried their cabernet. The price is $80.00 per bottle. Should I pass?

Thank you!

Seems like you could flip it if you didn’t want it. I’ve not heard of this ever selling below retail.

FWIW, the '07 cab is widely available for $74-$80 per W-S. Cheaper if you’re willing to go the winebid route.

Yep - should’ve checked wine-searcher before I responded. Looks like its available at retail all over the place for less than $80. A case discount will take care of the tax.

We had this the other night. This is a huge wine and not for the faint of heart. However, the ripe, bright fruit is apparent and the tannins are minimal. It is still screaming primarly fruit. If you like Foley’s style you will enjoy - if not you will not. At this point it was a bit too ripe for me - but hoping this settles down over time.

Your call if you think $80 is priced right for a nice Napa cab.

I signed up a few months ago and also received an offer. Not really sure why I signed up, given the signature of this wine. Seems like CT drinkers have this as being one of those super ripe, high extract high abv cabs I don’t really dig…


The key to me here is whether or not you think you’ll LIKE the wine . . .

If you are buying to flip, as others have said, you may do well choosing other wines.

My assumption is that if you purchase this, you’ll later be able to get the other wines that SR makes, including their ever popular Petite.



Thanks for your feedback. I am not buying this wine to flip it. My favorite wines are California Cabs and I am trying to drink different types. I have never tried wines made by Robert Foley so I am going to order some to try them out. I agree with you in that I would rather order direct from the winery so I can stay on their mailing list.

Give this one a shot. It is not for everyone but I dig it!

No different than previous vintages, this wine is bound to be polarizing. It’s definitely classic Foley. I tasted it and the PS at the winery and loved both. Their PS is fantastic.

Blicker Pierce sent out an email a few days ago with a bunch of switchback. No affiliation, but the prices looked good on some of them, not so on others." onclick=";return false;

This winter, I received my first allocation of this and debated buying it as well. It was a close all, but I did place an order for 3 bottles, primarily due to my interest in petite sirah. The cabernet is actually of least interest to me. There’s a lot of rich ripe expensive california cabernet out there.

I’ve been drinking SBR for a while. They are certainly tasty but be warned, they are massively big wines. If that’s what you are looking for then go for it.

I’ve been buying the Switchbacks since the first vintage the '99s. I really love the cab but the merlot and petite sirahs are really excellent too. I only buy one California merlot the Switchbacks. Kelly Peterson is also a please to deal with.


Bob Foley wines are quite divisive from what I read on the boards and CT. I’m in the camp of really liking them. 2007 is not a bad year too to try to see if you like them.
Also SR are really good people too (great customer service, etc). Gotta show love for the smaller family wineries :wink:

I purchased retail for $75. I’m just sayin’…

This ain’t a flipping wine gentlemen, its a drinking wine.

But I think until recently, the secondary market for these was significantly higher than mailing list price. The economic downtown has eliminated a lot of that.

That’s the story day in and day out these days…

Switchbacks are for drinking not for “flipping”. Kelly is very proud of keeping the prices of her wines in the reasonable price range as compared to many other overpriced Napa wines. Love the Switchbacks.

I want to thank everyone for their feedback. I decided to order some and try them out. Also I will be in Napa in October and will try and schedule a tasting with Kelly.

Luis, if you make it up to see Kelly, ask to taste the 2008 Old Vine estate petite. Just 2 barrels of it. One of a kind.

Fwiw, I am with Rich–Kelly is first class and the petites they make are some of my favorite red wines I drink.