Allagash in-store tasting

Allagash White
Belgian white, with incredible, crispy flavors of wheat, orange rind, spice, and pear. This is very smooth in the mouth, I’m out of descriptors, so just get some. This is absolutely delicious!

Allagash Triple
This has a hint of funk in the nose, but none in the body. The body is tautly wound around earthy, exotic fruit.

Allagash 2009 Fluxus
Brewed with sweet potatoes and black pepper.
Fairly sweet flavors. A hint of funk. Some pepper. Boring.

Allagash Odyssey
This shit is nuts! WOW!
Nuts, caramel, molasses, etc etc etc
The best Belgian dark wheat I’ve had. Period.

Allagash 2009 Interlude
Here come the Brettanomyces! Brewed with Brett and Allagash’s house yeast, this has the characteristics of both a red ale and a sour ale. The nose shows more of the sour quality than the body, but it keeps the body fresh. I don’t think I could stop myself from drinking an entire 750ml of this!

How much is the interlude, retail price?

Allagash is, in my opinion, the best domestic brewery. The White and Curieux are just fantastic beers.

Nice notes. I love Allagash beers, and it’s not just because I live in the area. Didn’t they serve you the Dubbel? It’s my favorite of their more basic line. It’s nice that you got to try 3 of the more expensive beers; I’ve only ever seen them pour 1 or 2. I agree with you about the Fluxus, but they can’t all be home runs. The Confluence might be my new favorite. It’s in the same series as the Interlude. I don’t remember the price of the Interlude, but Confluence is about $20 for a 750, and I would assume Interlude is about that much as well. Did they have and cellared beers available when you were there? I love that they do that. The Dubbel and the Tripel are both very nice after a couple of years in the bottle.

The tasting was comprised of bottles we pulled off the shelves of my store. Sadly, no aged beer that day :frowning:

I’ve gone through the allagash line up over at the sunset B&G and these are truly fabulous beers.

Thanks for the notes peter!

Despite the clarity of your title, I foolishly thought you had been at the brewery. I applaud your decision to feature these great beers at an in-store tasting. I would also encourage you to cellar some 750’s (I don’t think the small bottles are bottle conditioned; I know the small bottles of White are not). I haven’t tried any others, but the two I mentioned were delicious at about 2 years.

22 here in Asheville. You can use wine-searcher for beer. 22 seems to be the price nationally.

thanks, Jim. [basic-smile.gif]

Oh hey! I was just asking about Allagash. I guess i can just read this thread. flirtysmile