Alfert and I visit Kane (Rougeard, Beaucastel, Gonon, Juge, etc)

He’s on vacation, instead of enjoying the rest of those beautiful wines he left at his house to turn to vinegar

He’s in a treehouse at some Uber-swanky resort that the rest of us poors cannot afford. And the day after, the little #snowflake was too “wrecked” to type anything. We got like one text all day, while he is normally a chatty Kathy.

I gave the 1/3 bottle of Juge to our new friends at the table next to us since Kane said it was marred by VA or something like that, as he ate his eggplant curry goulash.

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You mean like this…


Oh, here is a pic of the goulash…

Nick kicked me under the table.

His what???

I transitioned from serious hangover to vacation out of state and so haven’t really had a chance to write my impressions down on here though I scribbled down notes at home the next morning over three cups of coffee and a cinnamon roll while trying to calm a brutal headache and regretful stomach. My comments on the wines are above in bold. This was an absolute blast. Not the best Petra dinner, but there were some excellent dishes. The meal leaned a little more pickled and eggplant than anything I’ve ever had from this chef, but it was a blast. Todd and Robert are such great guys with quick wits and easy laughs. It always makes for a riotous evening. And we had so much wine we made some friends at an adjacent table who’d shown with some decent bottles.

If you ever get the chance to hang with Alfert or French, do it. Great guys. I’m so happy to have gotten to know them so well and to become good friends with both of them. Truly great guys.

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Re temp of champagne…I had this in my fridge for three days before the tasting at 37 degrees. It was in a cardboard box for 45 minutes, then straight into ice bucket. When served “too warm” for wickle Alfie, it was probably 45 degrees? I think he just didn’t really like it.

Re lactic v VA on the Juge, I found the Juge to have a very strong vinegar element on the nose, leaning balsamic. Not exactly nail polish remover, but a very distinct cheap young balsamic vinegar note that grew in intensity as the wine warmed a bit, leading me to call it VA.

Re the Della Valle, this was not modern in 1994, but was in at like 13.5% so would be classically styled now. I think this wine got too little love. It was delicious, but also more in my wheelhouse than these other goons.

Hey, I’m not Suckling! I gave the DV a 92+. That’s pretty darn good.

Well thanks, very kind, but ultimately this is what it is all about. We are all wine geeks to some degree, but that is not enough to bind me. It’s the social component that is more important. While I enjoy appreciating the wine, geeking all about it here and there, doing that for a whole evening is not fun. The enjoyment comes from the discourse, the banter, the jokes and, with this crew, the over-the-top chops busting. We are relentless on each other. Every time we have gotten together - except for when my wife and I had a “gourmet” lunch with Kane, and John and her basically moved me aside from the convo [wow.gif] - has been non-stop banter from people that are comfortable with each other and enjoy a good time. Glad my son was able to participate. I think he was first overwhelmed, but once the alcohol was flowing, all was good!

Todd is gonna be in Orlando on Sept. 28, so Charlie Carnes and I will be hanging with him then. Really looking forward to that. My good buddy Marc F. , from our boards, will be joining. Marc is hysterical and has a stellar palate.

Robert, he was obviously referring to me with the ‘great guys’ comment.

The social component is so unique to wine, and we all know this. Sharing your unique or special bottles with friends old or new makes them all the more special. The camaraderie, the banter, the academic/geeky discussions, the opinions, the whole experience often filled with laughter and joy.

Chateau Le Guys!


I thought people like Juge just because it’s an extinct producer. The bottles I’ve had have rarely moved me (2010 the exception).

Allemand, of course, is the king of Cornas.

Hello, :grinning:!