Alcohol more important than exercise for living past 90, study claims

I think we are all going to live to 120…

Alcohol more important than exercise for living past 90, study claims

When it comes to living a long life - booze may actually help you live longer than hitting the treadmill.

SAN FRANCISCO – Exercise or alcohol? When it comes to living a long life - booze may actually help you live longer than hitting the treadmill.

A new study claims drinking a couple of glasses of beer or wine a day is more important than exercise for living past 90.

A specialist in neurology from the University of California, Irvine spoke about the research at a recent conference.

She told British online newspaper The Independent she firmly believes that modest drinking improves longevity.

The study showed people who drank about two glasses of beer or wine a day were nearly 20 percent less likely to experience a premature death.

Study overview:

If you’re still drinking at 90, studies show that the chances are excellent that you will live to be at least 90!

According to the Tribune Website, the numbers were:
18% less likely premature death for 2 glasses/day
11% less likely for exercise
21% less likely with a hobby (im assuming exercise and wine count)
10% less likely for 2 cup a day coffee drinkers
3% not being obese

63% chance imma live forever is my takeaway from this. I’m gonna need a lot more wine in my cellar.

Isn’t a lot of this stuff correlative? I think a big study involving the University of Texas came out with similar results and massive disclaimers. I haven’t read this actual study, but the study I looked into a while back basically said look, we think that social drinking plays a huge role in keeping folks alive longer. Isolation and lack of activity appear to be killers. But socio-economic conditions are a player too. If you’re active, have a hobby, and are social, you’re more likely to thrive. If you’re isolated, sedentary, and bored, you’re looking at depression, illness, shorter life expectancy.

Not necessarily magic potion in booze, but in the social aspects of having a drink with your wife, a friend, etc. Also, if you can afford to drink wine, cocktails on the reg but in moderation, not out of desperation, you tend to also have a better socioeconomic status, which contributes to extended life span.

Well said, except for magic potion part - wine is a magic potion, for sure! [cheers.gif]

I solidly agree with you.

Many studies published in Germany (from US and EU scientists) seem to claim that alcohol isn’t beneficial at all when it comes to longevity. Quite the contrary. The only disadvantage of the studies is: They don’t include the fun factor.

A famous joke goes like this. A man meets the doctor. After the doctor looked deep into the analysis data he scratches his head and says: Sorry, I have bad news for you. You are seriously ill and your life will be short. The patient is shocked but after a while he asks the MD: What can I do? The doc replies: Stop drinking, stop smoking and stop having sex. The man asks: Ok – but do I live longer then? The answer: No – but life seems to be longer for you.

The UCI research group have been reporting out on this study over the past few years. IIRC the study is long term and centers around inhabitants of Leisure World in Irvine/Laguna Hills … . Leisure World I believe was one of the first “organized towns” for retired(>55 yrs old) people in the Orange County area. The Irvine/Laguna Hills location started in the mid 60s. The researchers have said that there are many followup avenues to understand the data set better but that modest exercise and alcohol can only help and not hurt.

I’m all for drinking wine and not exercising. Who needs the extra 11% without wine.