Alcina Cellars?

Saw this on my FB feed a wall to wall between Bryan and Eric…

Bryan Kane Eric LeVine: Nice! Too bad that may be the last Alcina you’ll have. > RIP Alcina Cellars

What’s going on?

I thought i heard somewhere that Greg had gone back into the software biz.

Yes, Greg is no longer making wine from what I know.

OMG, Mel. Your avatar is too funny. [rofl.gif]

I stole it from a tee-shirt company website
I figure I’ll keep it around for about
40 days and then it will just ascend…

I heard the same thing…

Well, he is a member here. Maybe he can respond with the 411.

I also heard the same. I would highly recommend folks pound whatever remaining bottles they have as the neo-corks are not a good idea for further bottle development.

Don’t know if Greg read this but yes, he made NO wine in 08 and is either back in software or looking for a job back in software.