Alban Monteverde

Anyone had? Was gifted a bottle of the 2010.

Good luck. I have a friend who’s been burned multiple times by aged Alban wines. It’s hit or miss.

Is this Forsythe you are asking about?

And Bob how so do you mean burned? I’m aware that some think they don’t develop much complexity but I’ve never heard anyone say they die falling off a cliff?

Maybe some risk with the mid 90’s before the style changed, but I wouldn’t think there is much risk with a 2010.

I have one 1993 Reva left that I’m a bit worried about, just looking for the right time to pop it without expectations.

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He declared them undrinkable. He was a long time attendee at Hospice du Rhone and tasted many of them then which prompted him to buy. He said aging them was a mistake.

I opened a 1999 Riva about 4 years ago and it was shot. Not good. I would open what you have and see. Your mileage may vary.

Interesting as I’ve not heard that from someone who enjoyed them young and then found them undrinkable aged a bit. Not worth the cellar time, ok I can understand that possibly
They need ~8 years I’d say to flesh out a bit.
I have bottles from 93 to 06, but admittedly I haven’t checked on one in a few years as it’s just not my preferred style anymore. My last 05 Reva was pleasant enough at age 16 though.
I guess I will put one in the queue and check in on an older vintage.

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We have some autocorrect issues here!:grin: Crazy talk these wines don’t age.

1999 Alban Vineyards Grenache Alban Estate Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley (3/4/2024)
Decanted for sediment, 14.2 abv(yay!) This wine has always been an acid bomb, not really drinkable, and last had a bottle 12yrs ago…it was brilliant! This bottle is the last in the cellar…showing a gorgeous cloudy cran cherry with slight orange rim color…nose of classic Alban tar reduction, crushed cherries/plums, dusty white pepper, menthol tobacco leaves, leather and old cellar. Captivating and inviting nose! SUPER alive and tart with that cranberry acidity…but well integrated with the meaty, sweet and liqueured cherry/raspberry/cranberry fruit…really red berried laser focused. Age has brought on some finesse…complexities like on the nose…love the menthol and leather…tart pucker of cherry sour tarts…and the nuanced integration of the earthy Alban tar…beautiful florals and smoky wood spice…but MAN…that tartness is wild! I dig this! (94 pts.)

2005 Alban Vineyards Syrah Lorraine - USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley (1/1/2023)
Wanted something Ooozalicious…cellared since release, decanted for an hour…MASSIVE mouthful of DELISH! Gorgeous nose of white flowers, black olive, raspberry liqueur, creme de cassis, camphor…SO rich and mouth coating on the palate…pure liqueured berry fruits extracted as all get out, yet not at all cloying or heavy as there is a lifted freshness of sour skin acidity and full bloom flower florals…16.5 is balanced very well…layers and layers of complexity…mocha, smoked cherrywood, olive tapenade, licorice, blueberry pancakes stuffed with bacon…smooth and persistent with dusty white pepper spice kick and the long long mesmerizing finish. Such a great wine…just a little goes a long way! (98 pts.)

2002 Alban Vineyards Grenache Alban Estate Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley (7/4/2022)
This magnum has had a slow leak for awhile, so I thought the 4th of July would be the day! This might very well be the only mag of this wine left on earth…back in the day, Alban only made a dozen or so magnums, usually for charity or special events…so a rare bird indeed! They also used the stankiest wax known to man…I had to call them when I got a few bottles, because I was REALLY concerned about that stank cheese smell penetrating to the wine over time…they assured me it was food grade wax, and don’t worry. Well, it still smells a little 20yrs later…the good thing is it peals off really easy! The wine…15.3 abv, decanted for a couple hours…starts out really high toned acid and tart…really red fruited…thought maybe maderized at first, but a little more air darkened it up and calmed it down…still quite high in acid…but more on the sour cherry skin side, with ample liqueured wild berry fruits, dried bing cherry, red licorice, pretty Rayas-like perfumed bouquet of dried flowers. Shows signature faint sweet asphalt, olive tapenade, sage…cherrywood spice, aged leather…there is wonderful brightness in this…more finesse than the black hole Syrahs…really engaging exotics in there, such a unique Grenache expression…the acid is SO punchy, almost 1999 levels, totally works in this wine…and I dig it! Bitter sweet…sad to see this maggie go…but at least it went out a winner! (95 pts.)

1999 Alban Vineyards Viognier Alban Estate Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley (11/17/2021)
Well looky there…thought I had my last bottle of this in 2007, but found another! It was drinking top notch then…and 14yrs later, even better! GORGEOUS color…shimmering gold with a green hue…exotic nose of peach marmalade, white honey, hot buttered rum spice, dried pineapple, some petrol minerality, honeysuckle florals. Still loaded with viscous pitted orchard and tropical fruits, lifted with a refreshing vein of lemon/grapefruit/tangerine acidity…showing just a tad of the 14.7 abv, but it really is integrated nicely. Age has brought on some REALLY interesting and tasty nuances…dry extract of honey, some wax flute candy, flint strike, hazelnut…still pretty white flower, honeysuckle, peach pie florals…LOVE the crushed rock salinity in this…it gives the ripe fruit a nice chalky mineral crunchy structure to it…ala white burgundy. The more I drink it, the more I’m floored by this wine! Sometimes these get a little out of hand with the fume alc, and don’t develop much complexities…not really meant to age…but this is a WOW wine! Developed an elegance to it…a wine to contemplate…world class viognier imo! Better re-think not aging those Ca. Viogniers! (96 pts.)

2000 Alban Vineyards Roussanne Estate - USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley (2/17/2021)
Wasn’t planning on opening this one just yet, but noticed a bulging capsule, and wine slowly seeping out the top! Cellared since release, and my oldest and last Roussanne left. The wine…darker metallic amber color with a beautiful oily sheen to it…the nose is AWESOME! Classic aged Alban Roussanne…sautéed apricots, exotic honey butter, petrol, wood smoke, lemon zest, hot buttered rum spice, walnut oil. First sip was like drinking an aged Sauternes…sweet and ripe oily fruit…yet there is a killer snap of citrus(lemon/tangerine) acid that totally freshens the rich fruit…and ample crushed earth and stones that salt and dry it up wonderfully, creating a nice balance of the rich fruit to dryness. Creamy smooth and mouth coating…little waxy, great length. SO complex and engaging…with exotics of dried tobacco, roasted nuts, apricot marmalade, match strike reduction…pretty dried fruit and flower florals. Not all perfect though, as there is some bitterness and oak char detected…not offensive. Just love how the bottle was leaking, the color looks over the hill oxed…yet this wine is fresh as a daisy and totally what I would expect from a 21 year old Alban Roussanne! Congrats Rhone Master! (96 pts.)

2006 Alban Vineyards Syrah Reva Alban Estate Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley (11/2/2020)
This note is from day two…still a massive beast of a wine! SO much extraction and concentration…Port-like, yet plenty of acidity and dryness to balance this sucker out…but you still need to wear your big boy pants here! Simply gorgeous blackberry/boysenberry/cherry/plum fruit…ripe as you can get…yet it is NOT too sweet at all…and I hate overtly sweet wines! Olives have always been a prevalent flavor in this…and age has brought that out even more so…as well as the the tar licorice reduction…which is very integrated…smooth and silky for such a big wine…crushed rocks and dusty white pepper spice…kirsch liqueur, smoked cured meats, exotic wood smoke…finishes smooth and floral with violets…white pepper spice kick…hedonistic. What a wine! (97 pts.)

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Thanks everyone. Will have it next month and report back.

2010 Alban Vineyards The Mason Mourvedre Forsythe Vineyard Edna Valley

CT says I have consumed 9 bottles of various vintages, minimum 8 years of age but generally at least a decade. These are unique because they are mainly (or all) Mourvedre and age at a glacial like pace. Had the 04 in 2023 and it was a great showing (drank a bottle with Buzz in 2012 and 2015, with the latter having better notes/score). A little decant certainly will not ‚Äúhurt‚ÄĚ this wine and enjoy with red meat

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I’ve only had The Mason a couple or so times, thanks to you BC, my Alban brother…loved them! They DO need time and air!

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John always has a story about his wines…

The Mason is one of my favorite wines of all time.

I‚Äôm totally OK being alone in this view‚Ķ that way there will be more for me every year on the allocation. But I highly recommend them. They are one of the best producers out there, Rhone Rangers guy, and pricing is still ‚Äúreasonable.‚ÄĚ Even the Patrina, the ‚Äėentry level‚Äô bottle is awesome, and at $55, can‚Äôt beat it.

I should do an Alban dinner one of these days…