Alban Mailer - Any thoughts?

2005 Seymour’s and 2005 Rotten Luck - three tier pricing - 3 bottle maximum on each

California: $170 for one Seymours; $327 for 2; $486 for 3. Rotten Luck is $73 per 375ml bottle (pricing includes shipping and tax)
New York: $185 for one Seymours; $349 for 2; $514 for 3. Rotten Luck is $75 per 375ml bottle (pricing includes shipping and tax)
Remaining Authorized States (which I am not going to list): $169 for one Seymours; $320 for 2; $472 for 3. Rotten Luck is $70 per 375ml bottle (pricing includes shipping and tax)

In? Out? Thoughts? Rants?

I like Alban, but I don’t know how much I like it @ 170 dollars. I also ate a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch today, so my disposable income is at an all time low :wink:

Purely speculation on my part, but it’s like Alban wants to be like SQN. Nothing wrong with charging what you think The Market will bear, especially considering the extended barrel aging… but at $170/bottle, that is one hefty tariff

I think a few of us were discussing this @ lunch. Alban wants to be like SQN but it needs a longer string of 98 to 100pters!

Haven’t seen my offering yet, but I’m all in.

Frightening prices though I enjoy the wine and John (and his wife, and his parents) are friends of mine. Met his parents in Cambodia (long story) and we’ve been friends ever since! He’s a great viticulturist and winemaker.

The price is steep indeed, but a recent Lorraine and several bottles of Reva make a strong argument for purchasing the Seymour’s. As for the sticky, I’m not so sure. Pretty expensive for a split bottle that doesn’t have Sauternes somewhere on the label.

I got allocated 3 and 3 if anybody is interested in a piggyback.

I would pass even if I had the money to buy. He is a terrific winemaker and viticulturist as WVG says but that kind of money is silly IMO.

I got an apologetic postcard today letting me know that I haven’t made the active mailing list yet. Considering the pricing I was relieved.

These are great wines, but the prices are getting really steep. I especially hate the special rates for NY. They claim it’s all NY’s fault with special fees and taxes, but no other winery charges extra for NY.

Prepare yourself. Odds are good you’ll be getting an offer sooner than later.

Outstanding wine. Goofy price. I didn’t follow up with an address change after I heard the $145 price for the Lorraine as I believe they dump you after one skipped mailer. I certainly won’t be try to find out if that is true for this one though I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be up high enough on the list to get offered anyway.

I hope that I don’t get the offering (but fear that I will) because it will mean that this is the second time I’ve gotten dropped by Alban (first time was because I passed on heavily white oriented hostage offer about 5 or 6 years ago). Although I bought the Lorraine at $145 a pop, my thinking now is that there is only one domestic syrah that I would consider paying over $100 for and it isn’t Alban (which I generally find very good but not in the same league as SQN)

I also received the postcard today, and like Whetstone, hope I don’t get allocated any - not unless they drop the price by half!

Well, I might as well start here what I left off at ebob :wink: I used to be an Alban fan, back when you could buy the wine on retail shelves in the $40s. The reduction bothered me a bit, but I tolerated it. Past few years the wines have gotten much riper, much more expensive, I dropped off the list a few years ago. The barrel sample of 06 Reva they poured at Hospice du Rhone was just awful:

2006 Alban Syrah Reva (barrel sample) - first whiff is an instant disappointment, obvious ethyl acetate, plus some other chemical contaminant I can’t place. Dark, deep, sweet, syrupy, low acid, terribly unbalanced and overripe. Parker scored this 94-96 in June of last year, I’ll be interested to see how he rates it once bottled. 82

I haven’t had the Lorraine or Seymour’s, maybe they’re better. I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to spend this kind of money on a Syrah should just go buy 04 Chave, which runs so many circles around Alban it’s like Superman spinning the world backwards in time :smiley: There are SO many good syrahs out there that are a) affordable, and b) actually represent the Syrah grape…

Didn’t even open it - straight to trash. Although i enjoy the wines if my wife ever found out what i would of payed for these it wouldn’t be worth it, people who received the sorry letter better get their credit cards ready.

I’ve enjoyed Alban’s wines over the years, but they need quite a bit of bottle time to integrate. Had a 2000 Pandora on Friday that needed another 3 days before becoming approachable.

My thought is this. One bottle of Seymour’s for every three bottles of Broken Stones. One bottle of Seymour’s for every six bottles of Cabot One Barrel or Carlisle RRV Syrah. Get it?

The price is actually $145 the $170 includes tax and shipping, the same price as the last offer for Seymour

Exactly my thoughts. Very difficult to justify - regardless of how much you admire the wine.

I lucked out in receiving the card that said not enough wine made for me to get any. I was relieved as I’m trying so hard to cut back these days.