Al Stewart in Toronto--Bordeaux and Burgundy, June 16, 6 p.m., Fat Cat, 331 Roncesvalles

OK all. We are putting together a big OL for Al as he is in for 2 days to do a couple of shows.

I have been in touch with Chef Mat at Fat Cat Wine Bar and he assures me he can handle a 16-18 person affair, which looks like what this will be, probably 2 tables of 8 to 9…Al, you have many fans!

Because Al will be performing at about 8:30, although the place is just up the street (Hugh’s Room), I am calling dinner for 5:30 to give Al plenty of time to get there and get ready. (BTW, tix are $40). I am also taking organizer’s prerogative and booking 2 additional seats for friends who want to come.

If we maintain numbers, I suggest that one table do Burgundy Whites and Bordeaux Reds and the other do Bordeaux Whites and Burgundy Reds, as these are along Al’s tastes. I’ll probably swap chairs w. Al at some point in the festivities so everyone gets a chance to visit with him.

There is one thing—if Mat is going to book the space for us, although I will have a waitlist, etc., if for some reason spaces are not filled, if anyone has to back out last-minute, I will need to ask that they either fill their slot or pick up the cover for their position at table. I hope that is fair for all.

All of this is subject to sign-off from Al, though I have been in touch with him and he does want to get together for sure…

Current attendees

Al Stewart, guest of honour (2007 Chateau Fieuzal blanc + 2001 Bouchard Vosne 1er Cru Les Reignots)
Mike Grammer 2004 Smith-Haut-Lafitte Blanc
Janice Wilder 2001 Chateau Leoville Barton
Terry Wilder 2005 Chateau Climens
John Richards 1988 Chateau Rieussec/1988 Chateau De Fargues
Chris McCart 2001 Michel Gros Vosne Romanee 1er Cru Les Brulees
Jeff Wong 2000 Reserve de la Comtesse
Peter Muto 2006 Jean-Marc Roulot Meursault Les Meix Chavaux
Paul J 2006 Alesia San Mateo + 2007 Bouchard Meursault 1er Cru Les Clous
Tran Bronstein 2004 Chateau Rieussec/Chateau Lafaurie-Peyraguey


Hey Mike,

I’m in. Will white burgundy as none of my other wines that fit the bill are in their drinking windows yet. Probably the 2007 Bouchard Père et Fils Meursault Les Clous.

Assuming this is a set menu? If so can I PM you or speak to Fat Cat about menu as I have some dietary considerations?

Looking forward to meeting the Toronto Beserkers!


I saw him once in Dallas and again in Chicago. Great concerts both times. I guess I need to search and see if he is coming back to Chicago.

OK, Paul, you’re on the list! We’ll look forward to meet you as well. PM me on the dietary, I’m sure I can speak to Chef Mat to accommodate. It will probably be a set menu for the most part, once we get a little more organized. Chef Mat has handled a big group before, specifically a dinner way back in 2004 when Pierre Rovani came to visit us (Joe and Brian will remember that night fondly, I don’t know if any of the others were there…). He has assured me by email that he can accommodate a 16-18 person group.

What I like to do, especially with a group this big, is get prospective wines in as soon as possible so I can relay the list to Chef Mat and let him work his magic.

OK all. I have now received confirmation from Al that he will be happy to join us. Start getting your vinous contributions in, please, and we’ll start working on possible menu choices.

If anyone has any dietary or allergies, please let me know (I have already heard from some on this score).

This is a nice looking crowd. Have a great time. I know Al will enjoy himself.

Mr. Grammer, Sir,
Duly noted. I will rummage through the cellar and come up with a couple of offerings. Is the theme still Red and white burgs?

It is, along with red and white bordeaux, mon fils. Looking forward to seeing you and Sue again.

I will be in Montreal for the May long weekend checking out the flagship SAQ’s. If I find something nicer than the 05 Suduirait I will grab that.

If the group is open to it I’ll bring a Rhys wine along with me as well to be a ringer of sorts. Depending on what arrives in the mail I’ll try to bring something with a bit of age on it. I’m expecting some of their '06 Alesia’s from the Odds & ends sale. The 2008 non-Alesia’s aren’t ready to pop yet though.


I don’t think Al will cavil at a Rhys, Paul—that would be great, I’ve had an Alesia before but never a Rhys itself. Thanks for checking in on the thread.

Sorry Mike, should have been more explicit - I’ll only be able to bring an Alessia this time as my Rhys proper wines are still too young. I’ll bring one along in another couple years. Hoping to bring an Alessia San Mateo 2006 (which is declassified from Rhys vineyards not purchased fruit) if it arrives in time otherwise it will be an Alesia 2008 Sonoma Coast. [cheers.gif]

Thanks Paul. I’m pretty sure I had the 04 San Mateo (or maybe it WAS the 06) at a blind tasting somewhere along the line, happy to retry. A couple of others have now checked in with contributions, see the initial post for all updates on this score.

Likely the Sauternes will be split across the 2 tables if we get one more (wink/hint).

Mike - 1995…

I’ll bring a white burgundy to go with Paul’s Meursault. Either a Chablis (likely Fevre) or a Remoissenet Meursault.

Sue and I will bring an 04 Martray Corton Charlemagne and a red Bordeaux with 15 years on it. I haven’t had time to do much digging so I will get back to you with the chateau.

Thanks everyone, initial thread updated appropriately. At present, we have

2 white bordeaux
4 red burgs + 1 ringer
3 Sauternes
2 red bordeaux
3 white burgs (I may bring a 4th on Al’s behalf)

Count me in for a 1993 Fernand Lechéneaut Nuits-St.-Georges Les Cailles 1er Cru

Without going back, any chance we can just lose the Red Burg ringer and replace with one on topic?

Let me confirm with Paul—when I re-read his initial post, I realize that it actually looks like he wanted to bring that in addition to his white burg contribution…Paul, do I have that right? (certainly not necessary but would, of course, be welcome).