Aging St Aubin whites

I’ve been buying some modest quantities of PYCM St Aubin (2013 and 14) and am trying to figure out whether I should be sending these off to storage for c. 5 years or drinking them intermittently over the medium term.

In particular, recent notes about the 05s gave me pause for thought (together with the fact that my first bottle of my stash, a 2013 was badly corked).

So - what say the collective? Drink and hold, or Hold?


How are they showing now? I’m assuming that you have tasted a couple right out of the gate…

Drink 'em. I do.

I have been working my way through a case of 2006 Lamy St. Aubin En Remilly that I bought a few years ago. It’s not a great white Burgundy but it’s pretty tasty. A few bottles have been slightly advanced with a little extra straw and nuttiness but all have been enjoyable.

Kind of sounds like a combination of the 2006 vintage and normal age. A lot of Premier Cru 06s could be described like this as well. My oldest Lamy is 08, but I’m keeping a couple to see what they do.

Thanks all - in particular:

Drew: Just the one and it was corked. Hence the question.

Mark K - sound, succinct advice.

Life’s short. Enjoy them now.

2011 PYCM St Aubin’s are in a b=very good spot right now. I’d say age short term at least.

just had 08 lamy criots on thursday. One of the best 08s I’ve tasted so far. Ridiculous

The '13 PYCM St. Aubins I’ve opened showed at least moderate reduction. Have an old copper penny handy. I haven’t opened any of my '14’s yet.

Just finished the PYCM Aubin 09’s in my cellar and they were in stellar shape. My take is mid term aging (4 to 6 years).

Had an 07 PYCM St Aubin Dents de Chien in 2014 that was simply sublime.

I have a case of the 2010 of these which I tried the first of recently in the name of science. Thought it was fantastic but could do with a little more weight at the moment. It would be awesome now for someone that prefers their white burg a little fresher and zippier. I had a one off bottle of 2008 a few months back that I thought was in exactly the right spot.