Aged White Burgundy Pairing

In addition to many fine suggestions already made, I’d add that sweet summer corn is a wonderful match with white burgundy, whether as part of a sauce, salad, or side.

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Personally, I would recommend dishes made quite “simply” and without cream (salt, lemon, butter all good though!) - e.g. grilled rock lobster or tiger prawns; grilled or baked salmon; pork belly

Personally I think lobster is one of the few dishes where oaky buttery Chardonnay based wines work. So while I’d avoid the leaner minerally wines there must be something in WB which fits the bill .

Edited to add: and now I remember that the question was for aged white Burgundy. So I’ll retract that recommendation.

A little thread drift but IMHO marsanne is the perfect pairing for buttered lobster or lobster with a cream based sauce. Chave Hermitage blanc was my go to but I have now added other northern Rhone whites to my cellar in recent years including St. Peray which global warming and better winemaking has elevated for lobster meals.
I would stick with a dense fish or chicken as a protein for the aged white Burgundy. The sweet summer corn or white asparagus would be good side as well as the potato dominoes.

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Best pairing I’ve had was a Huet Petillant. I think it was the 2005.