Aged Eggnog

I assume it would work fine with lactose free milk since it tastes the same as regular milk?

Is it a big jump from 45-60 days to one year or diminishing returns? I dont think i could hang onto a batch for a whole year the more I think about it.

Ruhlman is the recipe I use:

Diminishing returns longer than a couple of months. For me it’s just convenient to make it in Jan and forget about it.

Several of the recipes call for adding Cognac. I don’t have any. Any recs? What profile does it add? Any recommended substitutes?

If you don’t mind picking up a bottle for $25, I think I got a Hennessy VS and it works well. It seems to add some structure and cuts through the sweetness. I can’t imagine doing it without, but I’m also not an expert on anything alcohol to be honest.

I’ve made batches with only rum and it’s still good. If you don’t use the cognac, I probably would use Spanish rum instead of bourbon unless you really like oak.

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I might be able to get a small bottle of something like Hennessy.

Says the guy posting on a wine board…

I get what you’re saying, but the irony did make me chuckle.

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Haha, I’m here to learn, not because I know things

I caught that earlier, but I know what you meant. Cognac is obviously an alcohol I know little about, nor why you would want to use it in egg nog.

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That said, this was on GQ today. Don’t know enough to comment on it.

We just made 3 jugs using Alton Brown’s recipe. I know you won’t believe me, but we had exactly two glass fulls leftover. So we’re giving the fresh stuff a try. Tastes VERY boozy. Between the liquor and raw eggs, I hope we wake up tomorrow.

This biggest jump I saw was day 1 to day 2 and then 2-7. 2 more days and I’ll know what it’s really like!