Again a wonderful 1964 Barolo and some Karthauserhof from the 80's

The 1964 Vino Barolo was from Serralunga. On the beautiful neck label: Fratelli Alessandria, Serralunga. On the label: Azienda Agricola Schiavenza and beneath that: Giulio Gabri. 0,72 litre and 13,5 %
I am interested in why so many names are listed on this bottle. Ken?
The wine was stunning. Extremely multilayered in the nose and wonderfull mature notes on the palate while still being fresh. Soft tannins and long aftertaste. Could sniff this all night
To compare we had an excellent 2001 Massolino Vigna Rionda. Fantastic depth but far too young.
We ended with a great village Burg: 2010 Hudelot-Noellat Vosne Romanee. After being in the decanter for 3 hours it blossoned in the glass and was sheer pleasure. A reminder of why you have that many burgs in the cellar.
The 1988 Karthauserhofberg Kabinett AP 3561 303–3-89 was practically bone dry and very enjoyable with the Cevice
1983 Karthauserhofberg Kronenberg Spätlese AP 3561 303-13-85 was sweeter and more rounded. Great bottle
To compare and to illustrate the ageing process of Riesling we had a 2015 Willi Schäfer Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett
My friends clearly preferd this to the mature bottles, and it is an jmpressive wine. Note to self: BUY MORE
The 1989 Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett was incredibly young and fresh. Never had a Prüm that was not at least great
On day 2 the Rieslings have gained a lot of complexity and weight as expected. They will presumably be best tomorrow after being opened 36-48 hours

… as, of course, almost anyone with any real experience with these wines would come to expect.

(On a side note, I kind of miss Anders. Fabulous entertainment, in a slightly weird kind of way :slight_smile: )

Brilliant notes, Claus, thank you!

No idea, but it is certainly interesting. Can you email me larger, more detailed photos?

It was not an attempt to lure him out, allthough I remember he is fond of Schiavenza

Giulio Gabri also comes up on a web search for a Gattinara, so I’m edging towards him being a negociant, who bought the wine, possibly as finished wine.

Looking at an image for that wine seems to confirm the theory, for is declares that it was made at Borgo Gattinara, for Giulio Gabri

So that looks like one of the 3 names nailed, now for a connection between Schiavenza and Fratelli Alessandria, and Schiavenza’s own site has the answer. Schiavenza was founded by Ugo and Vittorio Alessandria - the Fratelli Alessandria on the label. Did they sell up here and move to Verduno?


Thanks for the input, Ian
You are probably right
Here is a 1971 Schiavenza

Thanks Ian
Maybe there were different Alessandria brothers. As you can see here: we already had a 1964 Fratelli Alessandria from Verduno
Can someone explain?

Alessandria is a fairly common name in the area. There is Fratelli Alessandria in Verduno, as well as the brothers who run Schiavenza, in addition to producers past and present, ie Luigio, Crissante, Silvio. The wine you had was the Schiavenza that continues work in Serralunga today.

Giulio Gabbro does ook like a negoce, or it could be a retailer, which would not be unusual for the era.

What a wonderful tasting, Claus! And that is a fascinating, confusing label on the Barolo.

And, to compound the confusion of common surnames, Schiavenza is now managed by Luciano Pira: