Advice re Normandy and Brittany

No, but I have to admit I do not feel particularly sympathetic toward their “cause”. As a joke, we named our list for the student body “Tut en dud an nod” (from memory) which is supposed to mean “vamos a la playa” (let’s go to the beach). We thought it was appropriate given our general level of activity :slight_smile:

My wife and I rode our bikes from Paris to Marseille for 4 months mostly along the Atlantic coast, across the Pyrenees and up the Med to Marseille.

We were in Brittany for two weeks and enjoyed every Kilometer. Although it was wet and raw most of the time, the views were dramatic.

Don’t miss the Druid locations along the cliffs. Brest is forgettable but the brocccoli, Cauliflower and other veggies were better than anythign we get in the State. Frais du bois over Crepes with Cider is still one of my favorite lunches.

Quimper is quaint. Not into the dishes but the prune galette is not to be missed. Also MAke an effort to find the Oyster and Clam farms along the southern coast of Brittany as well. Belons rule !

I’ll never forget the first time I ever saw a field of artichokes…in Brittany in 1990. Quite a site. Took lots of pictures. Never seen one since, either.

Our trip is taking shape; staying in Honfleur as our base. Looking at restaurants (including Tom’s suggested L’Endroit) and planning day trips. After Normandy, we’ll drive to Beaune and then, after a bunch of days in Burgundy, train to Paris for a few more before heading home.

Thanks everyone for past and future comments!

Andrew, I hope you have a great time.
For a change of place in Honfleur, check out Naturospace, a small indoor rainforest.
A bit pricey, but to be surrounded with butterflies adds a fun note of whimsy to one’s trip.

Tom, sorry to report that we discovered today that L’Endroit closed about a month ago, which explains why our phone calls to get a reservation have gone unanswered. We have been able to make several other reservations there. Heading over in about a week and a half and really looking forward to seeing Normandy and our return trips to Burgundy and Paris.


Ouch. Thanks for the update, Andrew.

Checked my notes. If you can get there, La Recre in Gonneville-sur-Honfleur is well worth the effort. A creperie in an old school building.


Here’s my two cents’ worth as a French bloke. I have only been a few times in this Region of France, but I do have some recommendations for you.

First and foremost, if you have the opportunity to go to Saint-Malo and its surrounding, you should try to make a detour to a city called Cancale. The oysters in this part of Brittany are really awesome.

As for Normandy, I really liked Honfleur. The overall ambiance is great and so are most of the restaurants there (you should try to look into “La Chaumière”, “La Lieutenance” and above all “Le Bréard”). While you’re at it, you should also try some local Cider/Calvados/Pommeau.

I hope you will have a nice time out there ! And beware of the rain !

Thank you everyone! Reservations in place for SaQuaNa, Cote Resto, La Lieutenance, and Le Bréard, and we still have 2 nights free for improvisation! And thank you Maxence for joining in!

Leaving for France in a few days and will be there in Honfleur 10/19 through 10/25, and then off to Beaune!


We had a wonderful time and I will try to post dining, etc. notes before year-end!

Thanks everyone,

My notes are now posted, in a new, separate thread. “Dining Notes: Normandy, Burgundy, and Paris”

Andrew [cheers.gif]

This July, Jules and I are taking our 12 yo son to Europe. We are tying this area in with a trip to London, the Loire and Paris. Thinking 3-4 days in London, 1 or 2 days rural England, then a Ferry to Normandy where we rent a car for 3-4 days, 1 night on or next to Mont St. Michel, then wind our way down and follow the Loire to Paris where we drop the car and spend 3-5 days with day trips to Giverny and maybe Versailles.

?? I’m on the fence about staying on MsM. We found this an appealing option after reading some dicey reviews of the expensive and limited on island options Hôtel Le Relais du Roy, hôtel Mont Saint-Michel : établissement 3 étoiles, affilié Logis de France

?? Where to stay in Paris (central location vs quiet residential near Metro stop)

?? one way car rental in France.


We spent only a few hours actually on MSM and enjoyed it, but there was nothing to make me think I’d like to stay overnight. I am sure others will have a different opinion about dining and staying there. As you can see from the above posts, we were advised correctly that Normandy of itself is a large region. Our base was Honfleur and we took several day trips from there – Normandy cemeteries, museums and battle sites; the cliffs and towns to the north; MSM; etc., and just relaxed nearby on other days.

Based on a much appreciated recommendation from Bob Fleming, in Paris we stayed at and enjoyed very much: Saint Paul Rive Gauche, 43, rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006, Phone: + 33 (0) 143269864. English speaking and extremely nice and helpful staff. Fine walkable location in the Latin Quarter. We would stay there again.

We rented our car at CDG and returned it in Dijon.

Hope this helps.

Great thread! Considering some variation on Normandy and Brittany after my wife does some work in the Channel Islands. If anyone has visited since this thread (I know a couple folks has trips and planning pending), I’d welcome all additional info.

For that matter, has anyone been to the Channel Islands, as I could meet her there instead?

great info. We are heading there in a few weeks.

Chris and Chad, have great times!

Seeing these recent posts (and looking again at my dining notes) brought back to mind just how wonderful a time we had, and also how great this community is at providing advice and insights!

Andrew [cheers.gif]


Asked my FIL if he could visit any place on the planet besides Italy where would go?

His response? Italy.

Okay, try again. Second choice?

Normandy, Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, Dunkirk, and a place in Brussels.

Alright let’s get planning.

Anyone have more to add?

Make sure you visit Point du Hoc and the American Cemetary at Omaha Beach.

To make the most of your day?? at the D-day beaches, I’d consider hiring a guide for the day…or, I guess, taking a tour.

We went there in a blizzard in 1985…and, without a guide, we would have missed some of the musts. They’re all nearby…but…you need a plan.

I think we were staying in Caen as our base…which is where “Montgomery” first broke out of the German noose after D-Day… a month after…Caen was supposed to have been taken on D-Day…but the Germans figured that out, too…and bottled up the Allies.

We used this couple as guides on our 2 day Normandy side trip. Day 1 was bayeau tapestry and day 2 was solid wwii, but it’s totally customizable. We stayed in their beautiful b&b and they were amazing hosts. Cannot recommend them enough. We saw a ton and it was really efficient and worth the money.