Adventures in Domestic Partnership: Wine Collector Edition

I bought my fiancée her - and my - first good chef’s knife this week, a Messermeister Oliva that she put on the magnetic strip on the wall of her kitchen. She hadn’t even used it when, at about 5:45 Sunday afternoon, she reached for an olive oil bottle that was near, apparently too near, it. She sliced her finger to the bone and didn’t even feel it at first. We are both relatively calm in a crisis, but there was blood, and she put compression on the wound while I put on my shoes and grabbed my car keys. I took her to the ER and because it was halftime at the Superbowl, the place was almost deserted. We were in an examining room in 30 minutes and had a doctor giving her novocaine at 6:45. She’s got the MC1R gene, so anaesthetics can work strangely on her, and luckily the doctor was hip to this, pausing and rechecking a few times before starting to stitch her up.
At 6:50, my phone’s alarm went off. Because WineBid auctions were ending. Not just any auctions, but for wines I’d been after for several years. I don’t have WineBid on my phone and I couldn’t remember my password. If I bid after 6:55, it would drive the wines into overtime.
People, you will be happy to know that I held my wife’s hand while the doctor put five stitches in, and with my free hand I changed my password, bid and won both lots. I will be a great husband.


Fate throws weird punches, don’t it? Looks like you handled it like a pro! Good on ya! BTW, keep knives in a butcher block.


Now just add changing a diaper at the same time and we’ll be really impressed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Missing the most important part of the story…what were the wines?

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Definitely important to know your priorities. I can still remember… encouraging my wife along during the birth of our first child, so we could get out of delivery and back to her room in time to watch Jordan and the Bulls in a playoff game.

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I have a fail… Was tracking some Arnoux Echezeaux for about $100. It’s 5:00pm and I’m driving back from wine country like a maniac. SO is wondering what’s up with me. We get back into town with about 10 minutes to spare.

She says we have to pick up a few groceries. OK! I’ll go in. 2 minutes left… Run into the market… Shit! Signal dropped! Run back out… Auction closed. The wine hammers with one bid :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I figured that was one of two questions people would have. The auctions were for couple of very oddball Northern Rhones that I’d like to buy again some day.

The other question would be whether I told her what I was doing. I don’t tend to skulk, so I started to explain, but she couldn’t take it in (she kinda had more important things on her mind). Afterward, over a Guillaume Gilles Cornas, I told her what I’d done. She thought it was pretty funny.

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And then she bought some expensive shoes online…in two colors


Don’t forget the ice next time.


Glad you were able to save the finger & the wine!
I lost a bottle of unique Napa Cab to a sniper on WineBid during the Super Bowl. Didn’t see the notification until the game was over. I was very bummed!

As I said years ago on one of the lengthy Winebid threads, put in your max bid early and you will never have to worry about sniping. You might lose, but that’s just being outbid.

And you don’t have to worry about potential domestic partnership adventures.

A little tangential, but this is an argument in every hobby I participate in, and I believe it incorrectly assumes other bidders’ rationality and understanding of market value. I can’t tell you how many times, early in my collecting experience, I did exactly as you mentioned only to have people slowly chip away at my bid until they won. Turns out a lot of people don’t know what something is worth to them - only that if it’s worth something to someone else, they want to keep it away from them. But if that strategy works for you, I’m glad.

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Good practice for childbirth.

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As I said, the strategy doesn’t guarantee that you win, only that you don’t lose because you put in a lower bid than you were ultimately prepared to make, which is the sniping issue. It doesn’t rely on anyone’s rationality other than your own. The shortcoming of the strategy, to which I will freely admit, is that one’s willingness to pay a certain amount on Monday morning may not be the same as on Sunday evening, an issue that works in both directions: a few weeks ago, I put it a max bid I regretted very quickly and prayed for a week for someone to outbid me. Fortunately, someone did.

Soooooo, are you engaged, married, or both?!?!:joy:

If both, you are really quite adept! :joy:

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If your household has ever had a retinue of cats, you might have observed that conduct in other species too.

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