Add a little Zing to your life: Artisan Ginger Preserves!

Zing was born out of my love for cooking and entertaining my family and friends. My quest to find new and delicious flavors led me to one of my favorite creations; ginger preserves. I enjoyed this creative process so much that I started to play with the idea of starting a business.
The final push to start my dream business came after a challenging, yet life altering event. Despite this hardship, I knew one thing; I wanted to create something that represented my values: loving life and getting through it together!
Throughout this journey, it was with the help of my friends and family that Zing Preserves was formed. Why “Zing?” It is short for “zingiber," the botanical name for ginger!
Starting with ginger preserves, I began to experiment with fruits and other new flavors including peaches and rhubarb.
These preserves were inspired by life’s delicious flavors; a little sweet, a little heat, and a lot of spice!
Our preserves are delicious, versatile, and extremely healthy! Ginger has been used worldwide to aid digestion, boost the immune system, and reduce inflammation.

Our preserves will dazzle your taste buds and brighten your day! And yes, it pairs very well with wine.

I am excited to be part of BerserkerDay Newbie Palooza 2021 - use promo code BERSERKERS and receive $2 off per jar and free shipping over $30

For orders, please visit our site don’t forget to check out the Inspo page

I had the great pleasure to taste Nilou’s Zing preserves for this NewbiePalooza. I received three preserves: the Classic (Ginger), Peach Habanero and the Rhubarb. They arrived carefully packaged so there was no chance of breakage – and as you can see in the photo, they look lovely in the jar. I’d never had any of them before.

Given the name Zing! I wondered if they might be a touch too zingy - I like some heat and spice in my food, but want flavors that complement the meal and wine, not overpower. Happily, Nilou hits just the right balance.

The Classic Ginger has a nice texture - bits of ginger pop in your mouth. Now I love ginger (and always order tons of extra pickled ginger with my sushi) but really appreciated how this preserve keeps the heat lingering rather than zapping my tastebuds. I am resisting just sitting and slowly eating the whole jar.

The second one I tasted was the Rhubarb and I was not sure what to expect. I used to bake a very good Rhubarb Strawberry pie and a Shaker pie that was just Rhubarb and brown sugar - but plain Rhubarb? Again, Nilou handles the bitter and sharp just right. The texture is smooth and the color deep, the flavor is deep as well - just the lightest touch of sweet needed to balance the wonderful tartness of the fruit.

The third preserve I received is Peach Habanero - and I did not get to taste it. My daughter and son-in-law, both fine dining chefs, stopped by on an errand and picked this one to take home and try. They are not easy to please. They are also not sharing the jar with me because they love it. My daughter is planning to make a sauce of some of the preserve cooked down with a splash of champagne vinegar to serve with pork. I plan to order them a full set of preserves this NewbiePalooza (and a Peach Habanero of my own!)

Highly recommended.


Great notes. I am a huge fan of ginger in anything, it is a zing. If the Peach Habanero sauce succeeds, gotta share the recipe.

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Order in!

I was hoping Zing would swap product with Jasper Hill, and visa versa, so they could try theirs together - would be a GREAT combo!

Will do Rich!

I’m ordering for family now - these are so tasty and Todd is right, I want good cheese to match!

Took the Classic, the Peach Habanero, and the Rhubarb. Sound delicious.

@Siun, that would be awesome THx.

And I will be now turning to the cheese portion of the today’s program.

Order in - there is not enough rhubarb in this world.

Didn’t see any wine pairings on the inspiration page though… any suggestions??

While technically not an official ‘taster’ of these, I DID taste them, as (full disclosure) Nilou is a former neighbor of mine - one of the first to welcome us to the neighborhood when we moved in! She launched this company recently, telling me about it during a tennis team party (our sons played on the HS team last year, her son graduated last year, my son still on the team) and I wondered if it was a fit for BerserkerDay…then NewbiePalooza started developing as a theory and, with the Jasper Hill and Smoking Goose entries, seemed like a perfect fit.

The ginger is not at all pungent or strong or spicy - it’s very well balanced, much like what you expect from any ‘preserves’ in that regard. While the peach habañero has a slight kick to it, making me suggest Gewurztraminer or Riesling, the rest would go with whatever cheese you use with it.

And yes, the world needs more rhubarb.

Make mine double ginger, then!

With a SoCal source, with any luck this will arrive in time for t-day, when we traditionally open a Kracher TBA.

I am thinking this is going to go great with some Jasper Hill Cheese!

Order in. I hope they arrive by Thanksgiving?

Thank you for your detailed feedback - So glad you liked them.

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I took the Classic, the Peach Habanero, and the Rhubarb as well, I look forward to trying them.

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I will get them out asap -

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Thank you all for your orders - I’ll get them out asap

Any cheese honestly goes with the preserves!

Todd -
Thank you for the introduction and allowing me to participate in this event - Amazing response and support from wineberserkers!

Looks lovely! Ordered an original, an original & orange blossom (one of my favorite honey styles as well), and a rhubarb. Can’t wait to taste these! Ginger goes so well with everything.

Thank you for your comments

Hi Nilou,

How long will these keep after they’ve been opened?