Accomasso Barolo 2015: "Base" or "Rocche Dell'Annunziata"

I’m eyeing one of these 2 on a wine list in a place where they are usually willing to pull you anything by the glass.

They both costs the same, which would lead me to opt for the Riserva, but I wanted to know if yiu believed that the “base” is more ready than the Riserva at this moment.

Thanks in advance

If they are by the glass and not priced prohibitively I’d be inclined to try both and compare. Maybe split with a dining companion if not wanting two glasses of red. Otherwise I’d probably go Riserva despite the regular Barolo likely being more ready.

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Thx Micheal,

They are both priced at 175 €, I can guess a glass might be 45 or 50. 50 € for a glass of still a meaningful sum of money for me and I have so much stuff I have to drink, not very appealed at the idea of this comparison at this stage of my journey. I hope this makes sense!

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That’s entirely understandable and I’d likely feel the same way. It would certainly make more sense for two diners if one were to get each and compare. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem that there is much price difference between the wines here in the US either based on Wine-Searcher.

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175 at restaurant is a great price seeing the retails here, especially for the Rocche.

Unfortunately I’ll be dining alone, forgot to mention in my previous reply.

Just my two cents, but if you’re splurging on a glass or bottle of wine I would probably not pick Accomasso. That said, doing it in a restaurant that stands by what they are serving is probably your best bet. I have limited experience but have heard so many stories of bottle variation, etc. That said, some people appear to have great experiences with the wines. My friend had an incredible experience with their Barbera and has been chasing it since with several mediocre or flawed bottles in a row.

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Thanks for your input Rob.

I have zero experience with any product of Accomasso, I guess most people approach great wines following their heart on the first attempt (hard to follow other people unless you know that their palate is alligned to yours 99% of the time).

Why do I want to try Accomasso? Still seem “accessible” among the Barolo royalty + I don’t think he’s gonna be around for much longer, what will happen to the prices of his bottles when he passes away?

I also get good vibes from the interviews with him plus good feeback from people close tome (who I trust to a certain degree).

The 15 Classico is clean, fresh, and delicious. The Rocche is definitely harder, probably a better wine, if not as clean if that is a concern, but not better when I tasted them in March of last year. Price is fair.

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Firstly put me in the Accomasso enjoyers camp to state my bias first up.

  1. Lots of good reasons there to grab a glass
  2. If you get a glass be prepared
    a) To be disappointed – Is this okay for you?
    b) You may wish to get it poured earlier and let it evolve if having multiple glasses.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Hi and thx for your input!

A) Never been really disappointed by a glass of anything, meaning: it’s a glass, even if expensive. The moment the disappointment settles in the glass is already empty and I move on with my day. I was disappointed several times by bottle, especially the ones I consume at home with coravin over the course of a couple weeks, so the disappointment lingers
B) I’ll have a 3 course menu (minus dessert) and I’m going to have it poured at the beginning while I drink other stuff in preparation. Would probably pair it with braised veal cheek seeing the menu.

Thx for your insight Gregory!

I’m not afraid of some roughness, but I know I’m probably looking at them a little bit younger than ideal, but can’t risk loosing them to other thirsty wine enthusiasts :smiley:

From what I’ve read around here I believe I’ll go with the classico

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Sorry for the late answer.
I drank both 2015 Barolo and Barolo Rocche Riserva.
The Rocche had richer aroma and better structure, flavors and longer after-taste.
Enjoy !


Hi ofer and thx for the reply.

It’s not late, I planned this dinner for my 29th birrhday but I had to reschedule. Will be there in March probably

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