Academia della cucina italiana RAGU BOLOGNESE

Excess browning does take away from the silkiness of the sauce though. I brown half of the meat for that maillard reaction, and then add the second half. Kinda best-of-both-worlds approach.

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YES, you have a point, Brandon. It was my first try, so I was a little bit careful. But still while cooking I thought next time more heat.

Anyway it was still quite delicious.

Perfect Mikko, this is indeed the best way. 50:50

With 100% browned meat, I find the sauce can be somewhat grainy in texture. 50:50 seems to work the best. Another “non-authentic” way to add some more depth is to finish it in the oven with a cracked lid, let it reduce some, and then scrape the sides back to the sauce. Kenji uses this approach on his tomato sauce but it works for Ragu as well.

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AND to use minced „ bistecca alla fiorentina“

Recently on a Delta flight and they had as part of their entertainment offerings, the Masterclass with Massimo Bottura. One of the shows features the Ragu he serves at his famous restaurant, Osteria Francescana. For meats, he uses a bit of sausage with the initial vegetable saute but then uses Oxtail, Beef Tongue and Beef Cheek. Exotic.

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Also, cuts of beef that have deeper / richer flavor in comparison to sirloin, filet, ribeye. While having the benefit of being much cheaper (well, except at one of his restaurants).


Yes, Jason nailed it. Don`t forget the Italians used traditionally midriff for this dish.

Well, filet has no taste…

They also are much higher in collagen which melts into gelatin, creating a flavorful silky smooth sauce. In a way, a Ragu Bolognese can be considered a stew, so meats that work well in a stew (that is, oxtail, cheek, chuck and such) will work well in a Ragu as well.


I’ve never understood the point either. But to each their own!

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Stop saying filet has “no” taste. Sure it does. It’s just far more mild than darn near any other cut of beef. Using it in a ragu would be, as you say I think, pointless.

I was trying to be facetious. Yes, filet has flavor, but in reality as a steak it’s main contribution is texture, and in a ragu that is removed, you don’t have much left.

I like the oxtail idea, I might try that.

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Oxtail is definitely intriguing. Would you brown it on the bone, and then remove from the bones after the braise?