Abreu is worth the tariff (?)

I’ve been a fan of Abreu from the beginning and really respect their wines. But I got out for two reasons: i) $500 x a bunch of bottles (my allocation was healthy) is, year after year, a fair amount of coin, at least for me; and ii) unlike almost anything else in Northern California, these wines are teeth-staining, brick shithouses. Very Pauillac-like…built for 50 years, maybe even 75. It takes a long, long time for the structure to fall away and for the fruit to reappear. Even the 07s and 10s that have been discussed here, have years and years to go, and unless you decant, let them sit and sit and even warm them from cellar temp, well, it still seems like they are way too young to touch. So, unless you are in your 30s or 40s, new vintages might outlive you.