Abreu is open

2009 Thorevilos , Howell Mt , Rothwell , and some back vintages (04).

I have yet to receive the email, did your already hit Ned?

Yes, Hit it for 3 T’s & 3-H’s .
Don’t wait ! Hit it ASAP ?

Went for 3 Thorevilos and 3 Howell Mtn and left the 04 Thorevilos and Rothwell on the table. With this and Rhys today my CC is burning.

Yup, Mine is Toast !
Recently victimized by Myriad , Saxum, Schrader, Aubert, Kapcsandy & Quilceda . [wow.gif]

I know the feeling! I bought Saxum, Aubert, 2 cases of Kapcsandy and 28 bottles of Schrader so I may need to sell a kidney to pay for it! I was surprised to see such a big price increase and $105 to ship 6 bottles to Texas is crazy. I love these wines but they are about to price me out.

Bryant has done so !

I agree and dropped them as well. Something had to give and it was them, Sloan and Harlan.

What are the cost of these now?

Thorevilos-$385, Howell Mt $325b , + Your First Born ! [tease.gif]

a dumb request. I split some of my allocations with a buddy—spreads out the pain. he is trying to convince me to skip Abreu and keep Scarecrow. I’ve tried them both and Scarecrow has past my pain threshold, Abreu is getting there, but not quite. looking for some words of wisdom from the berserkers. thanks

What is Scarecrow costing these days? I dropped them with the 09 vintage I believe as the prices just kept climbing. I enjoy the Abreu wines much more than Scarecrow but that’s just my opinion. I’ve had many vintages of Abreu Madrona Ranch and Thorevilos going back to the early 90’s and the wines age so beautifully that I keep paying the premium. They are the most expensive Cali Cabs I buy as I have dropped Harlan, Sloan and Bryant so that I can continue to purchase these. They are expensive, no doubt about it, but if you have the coin to buy the big boys I think these and the Kapcsandy GV are about as good as it gets. The last Scarecrow I had was a 2007 and did it in a blind tasting with wines like Harlan, Bryant, La Mission Haut Brion, Latour and other big names and this was universally the most disliked wine of the bunch. It was the only wine people said they did not like at all and most comments referenced licking an oak stick. I din’t hate it as much as some but it honestly was not a great wine for me. My tasted have changed and while I primarily drink Old World now I still have room for some great Cali Cabs and Abreu is one of the best to me. Just my opinion but if the prices are anywhere close between Scarecrow and Abreu it’s an easy call for me.

Scarecrow is good, Abreu Thorevilos , Madrona and Howell Mt and Kapcsandy GV & probably Roberta’s Reserve are better , in my opinion . Bryant is also excellent but, at $435 , they lost me.

I just thought I’d bump this thread to see what people’s thoughts are on the 2010 Abreu Rothwell Hyde?

I just got bumped off the waitlist after ‘I’m not sure how many years’ but the only allocation I got was for 3 of these. At $125 each, I’m not sure If I should pull the trigger. There are plenty of very good $125 and under Napa Cabs and to be honest, I’m not sure that I will ever be willing to drop $385 for their other cabs so perhaps I shouldn’t waste their time.

Anyhow, love to see people’s opinions specifically on the Rothwell Hyde. Thanks.