Abreu, Aubert, Peter Michael !!

Open !

Peter Michael is always an ouchie!

Pace Yerself !! [snort.gif]

It is!

They make perhaps my favorite sauvignon blanc. Luckily, it hurts the least.

Point Rouge is total ouchie!

My, the pinots move quickly! Some of the temptation is gone, at least until the next offering.

Had all kinds of problems with Aubert checkout.

Same here. Finally got it to work after getting logged out twice.

Which Pinots are gone? The Clos du Ciel?

Aubert was smooth as silk for me, just a bit slow.

No one would compare a Peter Michael pinot to an Aubert pinot stylistically, would they?

What are people buying in the Abreu release? Madrona & Capella, or just one or the other? Does anyone ever buy the library releases?