Aaron Pott


Great article, hard day. Beats the shit outta what I do though.

Nicely done!

I tried one of his 2012’s this summer – I had never had one of his wines – and it was very impressive.

Didn’t even know about him and all the mystique/chatter/buzz about his efforts.

Master of structure.

Wonder how the Tesla holds up being on the road all day and in the vineyards? That 4:30am start would take some getting used to but the rest of the day would be a breeze!

I cannot believe a Tesla can make it up to his property on Mount Veeder. I did it in a Ford Explorer and was scared to death.

Just an utterly ridiculous puff piece, and I thoroughly enjoy Aaron’s wines. Just surprised Pott would agree to that article. It is not grounded in reality whatsoever. I imagine other winemakers are collectively rolling their eyes.

Speaking of Aaron Pott, how are the wines he does in collaboration with Lagier Meredith- Chester’s Anvil

As far as Chester’s Anvil goes, I like the Hattori Hanzo, but have never cared for the balance of the offerings.

I found the most interesting thing in that article was the indication of barrel fermentation for Pott’s Turf War. I wasn’t aware that Aaron did barrel ferments.