A wine joke it took me a long time to figure out...

Even now, I might not actually get it.

Don’t over think it.

P Hickner

No disrespect to Mr. Glaser, but that’s a pretty obscure reference.

I thought so, too!

Never thought I’d end up perusing the “7 Portes” restaurant site in my daily routine today!


I didn’t take the Milton Glasner reference as central to getting the cartoon. I took it at face value: most non Wine Berserkers choose a wine by the look of the label. He is just asking for another label. Haha, get it?

Well, that would certainly make it easier for me! champagne.gif

True, but if you get the reference, that makes you an insider on two counts. Raises the smugness quotient, in other words.

P Hickner

And, it may be a beer joke.

I like my jokes simple, like my mind.

Yep. Plus a rip on Mouton?

Umm, maybe not. Man, am I a wine geek.

Harry Bliss is a New Yorker cartoonist. You’re not supposed to figure it out.

Market research tells us that among Americans who buy wine regularly (I think they were looking at 2+ times per week, but I would have to search for the article), women are more likely to shop by label and men are more likely to shop by points. My own anecdotal experience fits with that trend.

I had a woman come into the store recently who said she used to buy by label exclusively, but now it’s all about points. She didn’t seem to care who was assigning these points, but she wanted at least a certain score (92 or something close to it). She was putting together a mixed case. I suggested that she look at shelf talkers since I don’t know any scores, and mentioned that I would be happy to tell her my thoughts on some wines in the store. She thanked me and went about looking at shelf talkers. [head-bang.gif]

It’s nothing new, but this post made me think of that.

Excellent point

A better caption would be: “Hmm… I’m not sure. That kitten is kind of cute, but do you have one with a wallaby?”

It’s not what’s in the bottle, it’s what’s on the bottle that counts.