A TCA festival

Opened eight bottles in last seven days - three corked! In baseball, that’s hall of fame material. In wine, just plain sucks.

Hmmmm…just the opposite of my experience, Greg. In the last few days, I’ve unscrewed
8 screw-capped btls and not a one of them corked!! [snort.gif]
Three out of 8 seems unusually high.

I wish I didn’t know what tca was…

Do you find that you have low threshold for detecting the taint?

Ditto. Went out with a friend a while ago. Fellow wine guy. He brought a really nice bottle. Neither he or our significant others could detect it, just thought it was closed. I didnt want to tell em about the slight TCA taint. I just opened another bottle I brought.

Yeah I’ve been tasting since 13 and the first time I was ever in a tasting then in Montalcino we had a corky and I picked it up as nasty and spit it on the floor. since then I’ve had an annoying sensitivity to it, I find it truly disgusting. I sincerely wish I had a high threshold.

Return them or contact the winery. The only winery that has not replaced a bottle for me is Chave which I will no longer purchase any of their wines. Don’t know why all wines under $50 are not screw cap.

I think I am fairly sensitive but all three were extreme cases and instantly detectable from the cork and the wine. Everyone who encountered them agreed.

2 of 4 bottles I opened on Friday were corked. A 1997 Domaine Savoye Cote de Py was as heavily contaminated as any wine I’ve ever had, and a Chimay red bottled in February 1999 was badly corked as well. Adding to the insult is that both seemed perfectly sound but for the TCA.

What were the wines? Recent or older vintages? Just curious.

I had a night like that 15 years ago with a big dinner party. Two corked bottles and an old Hermitage that had undergone secondary fermentation. I think a fourth bottle was cooked/shot.

Just had one last Thursday. A replacement bottle from the winery was shipped Friday. I feel slightly bad contacting the winery, but you have to do it. It’s defective product.

Curious - why just under $50?


2004 LdH Reserva Bosconia
2008 Chanteleuserie Bourgueil VV
2003 Pierre Amiot Morey St Denis 1er Ruchots

That sums up my thoughts, the let down factor from a horribly corked bottle is less amplified than one that’s only mildly tainted.

Should also add that I wish my own sensitivity to TCA wasn’t so extreme to the point it prevents me from finding any enjoyment in a mildly tainted wine. I just can’t stand it. Brett is another story altogether, I’m almost immune.