A Tangy Sangy! 2018 Kendric Sangiovese

This isn’t a common CA varietal you find at your local Packy.
I’ve had a handful over the last two decades. This is the best by far.

2018 Kendric Sangiovese “Reward Ranch” 13.7% alcohol
This wine hails from the Shenandoah Valley which is more renown for Zinfandel.
I know Stew’s wines tend to be on the elegant side, so I decided to give this a go.
I’m glad I did!
Medium garnet red with a hint of browning.
Rich, round nose of white pepper, oregano, spice and cherry.
Structured red fruits (primarily cherry) with herbal undertones.
Nice acid balance and ripe tannins assure a few years of positive development.
An elegant, luscious little plum of a wine and will go well with many dishes.
Another winner from the Stewster and a STEAL at his current discounted price!
Highly recommended. [92 pts]
WARNING: It goes down REAL easy! I’ll be buying some!


Enabler! Bought a case and with the discount, it’s a super buy!

Thanks Paul and Alan. Let me put the enabling another way. Each of those case purchases enables one 5500 gallon truckload of recycled water from Novato to my bone-dry irrigation pond. So, your karma is solid for the day.

Another endorsement here for Stewart’s wines. The day before Paul’s post I ordered a mixed case of sangiovese and syrah, because his 2015 sangiovese and 2017 syrah were so tasty and elegant. That 2017 syrah in particular hit all the right notes for me (though I believe it was his first vintage!).

Kendric Wines are at the top of CA QPRs! flirtysmile


Is pickup at the winery an option? This sounds worth a leap for those of us sussing out the Italian grapes in Cali.

There’s quite a bit of good to very good barbera up there, too.

Hi Richard. Yes, you can pick up on TI. I’m in the vineyard more often right now, but tomorrow (Wed) looks like a winery day. Oakland’s not far off my commute from Marin to TI, and I can drop to you also.

Okay, let me look into it. If you regularly commute through the East Bay, you probably pass very close by–I’m right by the Macarthur maze, easy on and off the freeway. I’ve got to clear a little space in the cellar but that shouldn’t take too long.

Stewart, I sent a message via the winery’s website. We’ll work something out that lets you send some water to the farm.

PSA: Casemates is selling the 2016

No connection and cellar too full.

But if you buy it direct from Stew, he can buy a truckload of water. I did exactly that, and he put my name on one of the droplets.

Anyway, go buy some of his wine no matter how. The sangio is terrific, his Viognier is silken and delicious, the rose of Pinot is your summer go-to. And there’s regular Pinot and Syrah to boot.

I got a second chance at this… Really wanted to track some down when Paul posted, but never did. Jon just had an offer from Garagiste at $18.74 and ordered some. A nice deal.

Same, but I bit on that even before seeing this thread. Looking forward to this one!