A stellar Santa Ynez Valley {Santa Barbara County} vineyard retreat

Recently, Roelanda and I spent 2 nights at Casa de Brander, a new and wonderful Mexican retreat rental home located at the top of the Brander Vineyards and overlooking the vineyards, winery and the vast surrounding area with a huge outside deck to catch some amazing sunsets.

It was so special, I feel compelled to share it with you should you be interested in enjoying a quality Santa Ynez Valley stay.

Owner/ winemaker Fred Brander is to be complimented on fulfilling his vision to create a classy place that he could showcase some of his treasured Mexican art that he has collected over many trips to Mexico over the past years. Additionally, he has selected color schemes, quality appliances and furnishings to make this truly an upscale place. His assistant, Michelle Higgins, contributes much to the upkeep, fully equipped kitchen and bath amenities and supplies as well.

Speaking of the kitchen, it is top class as is the primary bedroom and its ensuite bathroom, the living and dining area and the rest of the place which includes an additional bedroom with a bathroom and a den/TV area with a double bed option. There’s also a new grill on the outside patio and plenty of tables and chairs in and out.

Additionally, Fred is completing another on premises project that will have 5 bedrooms and be positioned higher up on the hill with even more exceptional views that will be opened about 2/1/22.

Details about the Casa can be found on this link:

Casa de Brander – The Brander Vineyard
Casa de Brander is a rental property situated on the Brander Vineyard and Winery Estate in Los Olivos, California. Located on an established winery estate in the Santa Ynez Valley (1 mile from the town of Los Olivos), Casa de Brander is a stunning two bedroom Spanish-style home overlooking the Brander Vineyard.

Additional photos are found here:



Excellent sneak peak and pictures, Blake!!

I used to love Brander’s Sauvignon Blanc - just about the only bottling of theirs we could get in NW Louisiana.

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Hi Drew,
Fred is still specializing in Sauv Blanc; his under the radar Cabs are very good and for this Syrah, Pinot Noir/ Chardonnay laden appellation, that’s really saying something.

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