A special request to all Berserkers regarding Berserkerfests

Should we change Berserkerfests to sequential numbers?

  • Yes, and retroactively change the past Berserkerfests
  • Yes, but keep the previous Berserkerfests as is
  • No, I like dealing with fractions and confusing everybody
  • Brett Favre

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Can we PLEASE not have fractions in our Berserkerfests? It’s confusing for me, and I see the threads every day - imagine those who do NOT!

I want to go back and change all the Berserkerfests from the fractions to their own number. It will be more impressive, anyway, to have Berserkerfest XII than 3.75. Leo started this mess, so I’ll smack him when I see him next - or let Carrie do it.

I’m gonna put it up for vote.

Should we change Berserkerfests to sequential numbers?

I like even numbers for west of the Mississippi and .5 for east.

First was TX, then CA, then NY right?
I like the numbers, whole and in order, but we may get too high too soon if there are three per year

What Pobega said. If your a dumb blonde from CA, that’s your problem. [snort.gif]

I presume the new numbering will be in Roman numerals, like the Super Bowl, no?

Damn cheese-heads

I think they merit at least prime numbers (I like the “indivisible” part) if not Fibonacci numbers, no?

Now THAT is a compelling argument for change… [berserker.gif]

I prefer the Dewey Decimal Classification method myself. [stirthepothal.gif]

Todd, you need to get in the spirit of technology. I would like to host BerserkerFest 1.01.1189.a.SP1 with Hotfix #999129723423947 applied. In fact, through the wonders of time travel I actually have already hosted this 17 years ago.

I can see it now- my retirement party Berserkerfest-
Berserkerfest LXVIII

How about binary or hex?

I’m going to try this again. I posted last night in another thread and then posted in this thread earlier and neither show up. Are you trying to tell me somethin’ ???

I say leave the scheduled & previous events the way they are so there isn’t more (Todd) confusion and going forward change it to what you want.

I’ll be happy to smack Leo flirtysmile

Carrie, maybe you are ignoring yourself somehow?

Not at all, Carrie - it’s Leo’s fault, as I said. I keep running into it when I have to think of which Berserkerfest it was, and then which fraction goes with it. Would be so much easier to just number them.

It’s always Leo’s fault. [snort.gif] It really doesn’t matter to me, whatever makes it easiest .

Not many have voted yet, but the results so far are rather obvious.

Of course, knowing me, since the people have spoken, I’ll probably choose to disregard it, right?


what happened to the October Dallas event…did it disappear?
We ca blame Leo but I like NY being .5

Wow Brett is doing well in this poll.

Frankly Todd (or is that Todd Frankly?) I don’t know why you just didn’t announce you’re doing it. No need for a poll.