A Question for Zin Fans


David [drinkers.gif]

I have been trying the Rosenblum vineyard designated wines. I like em so far. I love being in the briar patch. No fruity foo foo Zins for me please.

Medium bodied, spicy, peppery, bright ripe fruit with some acid. Most of the time field blends are in my wheelhouse but I don’t thumb my nose at 100% zin. Old vine gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling in my private parts.

One not mentioned that I’ve recently enjoyed is the Green & Red Chiles Canyon Napa. The 06 was good and the 07 better. In the same vein Sky Napa fits the bill.

Sonoma is the King with Dry Creek, Alexander, Sonoma Valley and RRV. Napa mountain zins are fine. Contra Costa produces rich, earthy zins that have a sort of Rhonish character to me. Cline, Neyers and Rosenblum do good jobs there. Lodi is interesting these days with the old vyds and field blends (when they aren’t flabby). Amador and Sierra foothills in general can be fine – old vines again. Dusi is a great zin vineyard in Paso of course.

Favorite zin wineries besides those already mentioned:
Eberle (Paso)
Dry Creek

Old favorites that I haven’t had much of lately include Ravenswood and Deloach though I don’t think they have access to the ancient Papera and Barbieri fruit anymore.

Oops, nearly forgot Storybook Mountain in Napa!

I have enjoyed Zins from Monte Rosso.


With respect to Glenn’s comment, the opposite is what I (personally) figure feminine-style PN is for!

I do drink a lot of Ridge (completely different style), but Ridge is Ridge - you aren’t drinking Zin, you’re drinking Ridge, if you know what I mean.

But as far as the ones that I drink when I want a “Zinny-Zin” to my tastes, my go-to’s are…

Going and pouring. Going to be a long day.

the one time i attended ZAP i was most impressed by how many times i heard the term “wingman” used in complete sentences.

Big, fruit forward in your face. Martinelli’s are my favorite. The problem is they are very hit or miss. Sometimes they can just be a alcoholic mess. All heat and no fruit.

i do and agree completely though the 100% Zinfandel Ridge wines are really worth seeking out as more truly representative of Zin. detest Martinelli Zin, think along the lines of abomination.

I understand why you would hate Matinelli. Totally not your style

I only like zins with cool names like PoiZin, Cardinal Zin, 7 Deadly Zins.

Unti, Nalle, aged Ridge


I guess I ultimately judge all others by the Scherrer. I just love that style.

I used to like the bigger, high alcohol zins (Valdez, Rosenblum, Martinelli), but it seemed to me that they just took it too far. Every once in a while for a cocktail wine they are okay, but not with food.

Even when going through my “big zin” phase, I have always like others like Swan, Ridge, and my house zin, Sbragia (a wine in my wife’s portfolio).

I did like many of the zins coming from the Amador Foothills and Calaveras County, but they, too, seemed to go a bit too far, and then the prune flavor started seeping in totally turning me off.

My favorite zins have the name Carlisle on the label!!!

[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

+1 Age incredibly well too!

2004 Scherrer OMV for the games today with BBQ ribs.

Geaux Saints!

That’s a killer wine Glenn!

the wine really is so great! plus Mel made rum-soaked baked apples with candies pecans - like the most decadent lunch ever with the 04 OMV.