A Question About Stagecoach Vineyard

Thank you all for this debate. I like the fact that we prove again that wine is not a precise science :wink:. If you are around and want to taste with me anything from AO to Decades 5 or other project like The Debate or Monteverro that I make, please feel free to contact me here or at jean@aowinery.com

Jean, Thanks for the invitation. We met once before when the Gelbs and I were up. Now of course I try the A.O. as my wife works at SWS/AWS. So we plan on visitng A.O. when we come up in a few months.

I really know little about Decades 5. Is the plan for that to always be a 100% Petit Verdot wine? I am also curious as to why, other than sales, there are so few wines that are even 50% Petit Verdot. I know that getting it ripe might be an issue in Bordeaux, but that doesnโ€™t seem like it would be an issue in the New World. I know Ruston made a Stagecoach P.V. as does Piramimma, and both seem viable wines. What, in charactersitic, makes it difficult to use at a high concentration? Tannins?

Thanks for that link!

I had no idea so many wineries sourced grapes from that vineyard.

In general, when I see Stagecoach, I think of it in the upper rank of sources.

I am also an Alpha Omega fan, and have tasted their Stagecoach cab and consider it really really good!