A quartet of Brunelli

Went out to a local Italian BYOB Monday night (BTW, for those in the West Chester area, I was very impressed with Limoncello - food was excellent, and while not strictly a BYOB, they allow you to bring your own Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays). At any rate, I brought along a quartet of reds, as follows:

1990 Poggio Antico Brunello Normale
1999 Poggio Antico Brunello Altero
1999 Ciacci Brunello Vigna di Pianrosso
2001 Livio Sassetti Brunello Pertimali Normale

All four wines were drinking fine, but I would be remiss to not mention that (at least in this bottle) the Pertimali was screaming good, the unanimous WOTN. I am not normally a fan of drinking Brunello this young, but I had wanted to have a “status check”, and I was shocked at just how delicious this wine showed. If you have this in the cellar in any reasonable quantity, I highly recommend pulling a cork.

In addition, the '99 Altero is also a young wine that is showing very well right now - not quite as ripely gorgeous as the Pertimali, but perhaps showing a little more structure/backbone, and giving every indication that it’s only gathering steam.

The '90 Normale was a nicely mature Brunello, but I have never considered this to be a great wine, and this showing was consistent with my opinion - nice, but blown off the table by it’s younger siblings.

The '99 Ciacci is still a little closed in on itself, and I think this was the one wine that might have benefited from a little decanting. A lot of potential here for the future, but currently overshadowed by the Altero and Pertimali.

[cheers.gif] [cheers.gif]

So I’m sitting here sucking down a glass of the Ciacci 48+ hours post-opening. Color in the glass is still a fairly dark translucent red. Primarily menthol & red fruits on a “cool” nose. Sweet fruit on the palate, with a hint of bitterness that serves as a nice exclamation point on the lengthy finish - like the Pertimali the other night, this is a pretty nice young Brunello, and gives every sign that it will be around and providing drinking pleasure for quite some time.

I also had a last glass earlier of the '90 Poggio Antico, which had a nice melange of sotto bosco & funk on the nose - I probably underrated this wine a tad on Monday, but that happens when you are drinking side-by-side with wines that are rocking & rolling right from the outset like the Altero and Pertimali were. Still, if you have any of these wines in your cellar, all four of them are wines that merit a look in the near future to see where things are (although if I had to defer gratification right now, I would definitely think about putting the Ciacci in a dark corner of the cellar).

Thanks Bob. The 01 Pertimali was very tasty early on. I’m debating whether to live vicariously through your note or do some diligence on this one. Thanks for the update.

Agreed on the 01 Pertamali… a delicious wine, up there with Costanti and Pianrosso for fav 01 Brunelli.

I had a 99 Pianrosso about a year ago and had a similar experience to you with it… very good but closed in a bit and in need of many years.