A night when 77 Fonseca finishes second

Went to Sea Change with another couple to celebrate my spouse and my birthday’s last nite. All around fantastic evening. Brought 3 wines to enjoy with apps and dinner. The waiter was a great host and brought appropriate stemware for all 3 wines. Which made it quite fun to have all three open to enjoy as you pleased with the dishes.

We started with the Raw Bar
langostines/ hot olive oil/ chile/ rosemary
tuna poke/ masago/ miso/ nori
raw oysters/ assorted sauces
marinated opah/creamy avocado/ chile vinaigrette

All were top notch, the poke and opah being the best. Highly recommend.

grilled opah/ laughingbird shrimp/ charred avocado/ thai favors
icelandic Haddock/ braised pork cheek vinaigrette/ crispy potato/ grilled cauliflower

Both excellent.

The wines opened:

1997 Zind Humbrecht Gewurztraminer
2004 Trimbach Reserve Pinot Gris
2007 Mystery Pinot (I had to promise not to list it if I posted, sorry, a promise is a promise)

The wines paired very well with the food. The Gewurtztraminer was everything you would want, slightly oily with great mineral concentration. The Pinot Gris was balanced and increased the depth of the dishes. The Pinot really started to open up towards the end of dinner and worked really well with the Opah.

Oh that’s right this is about 77 Fonseca.

After dinner we headed home to have a special dessert. Our friends had made bittersweet dark chocolate brownies with home made sea salt caramel gelato. The desserts were served with 77 Fonseca. The port was everything you would want it to be but was blown away by the sea salt caramel gelato. On a scale of 1 to 10 its was an 11. I could have eaten a gallon of the stuff maybe 2 it was that great. I cannot wait to sample it with some 30-40 year old colheita.

So on a night when you expect 77 Fonseca to be the star of the show, it was out classed by my best friend’s home made gelato.

You know it’s funny because the whole Port and chocolate pairing is one talked about all the time, yet many if not most Port lovers I know (me included) think it’s a poor pairing. Often the texture and flavors of the chocolate coats the mouth and obscures the flavors of the Port. This is even more accentuated with older and more delicate Vintage Ports. So the fact that a well made chocolate dessert took center stage doesn’t surprise me at all.