A Hit and a Miss: 2001 ESJ LRV & 1997 Clos Pegase CS

2001 Edmunds St. John Los Robles Viejos Rozet Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles
Wonderful!! Still bright and youthful fruit along with asian spices and herbs. Plenty of structure and the long pepper/spice finish is damn nice. Another reason why ESJ is well represented in my cellar.

1997 Clos Pegase Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley
This has most of the ingredients for a wonderful wine. Good core of red and dark fruit, mellowing tannins and some acidity. Still youthful with no signs of going South anytime soon. Unfortunately, the oak was a bit overbearing for my tastes, although a bottle tasted last year was much more balanced. Go figger!

I’m quite surprised by the good showing of the Clos Pegase - I had no idea they were built to age like that. Obviously this one can go a few more years.

recently killed a 6-pack of Clos Pegase 1997 and liked them all. wonderful QPR.

Two years ago, the '97 Clos Pegase Cab was my wine of the day at a Tom Bu poker game (Peter C won’t recall it because that was the one he called in sick to with an Absinthe hangover…), besting a good number of other fine selections. Tom has another bottle and he and I are trying to find the right time to do a side by side with a '97 Merlot I still inexpicably have in my cellar. I am expecting the Cab to show better than this note, but the Merlot probably worse!

Nice showing on the ESJ and glad to hear it as I’m still sitting on a few.