A great food book

I was looking for something to read, and saw this at the bottom of kitchen bookcase. I was immediately enthralled.

“Arthur Shwartz’s New York food” traces the history of food, in a fun if not particularly scholarly way, you may want to check out
As the leading edge of our melting pot, New York’s food culture was widely copied, and then itself absorbed other regional cooking. From soul food, to Bratwurst, steak houses to Southern cooking and all the major restaurants of their time, this is engaging and opinionated And as I turned the pages, I kept thinking, I did not know that.

Published in 2004, it may not easily available, but worth trying to find.

He used to have a radio food talk show every day around lunch time. I quite enjoyed it. I’ve also enjoyed the book.

Thanks for the recommendation. It arrived yesterday and it has been a joy to read and to leaf through. Well researched, lots of fun stories, and very nostalgic (though some of the time periods discussed are a bit before mine, cough cough). Thanks again Mark.