A good guide to Lodi Zinfandel

Randy Caporoso, who is like a wine write Nestor for Lodi and knows everybody and everyone, wrote a good article about finding the various Zinfandel styles of the region. Obviously, Lodi has a reputation for bigness, but there are a lot of subtle producers there as well. He guides us through the styles by category - big, small, oak, no oak etc. A good read and guide.


It’s interesting now in the heat of harvesting, and for someone like myself that takes fruit from both Lodi and Contra Costa regularly, just how much cooler Lodi is. I think there’s this misconception that it’s a hot area that can only produce a riper style. The temps at night get much, much cooler in Lodi than in Contra Costa, which tends to translate into the characteristics liked by wine-lovers, yet I feel Lodi is generally regarded as “lesser” than CC. Example: the Contra Costa Zin I picked 2 weeks ago was ready then and almost pushing over-ripeness, whereas the Lodi Zin is barely ripening, still. Harvesting time is going to be at least a month later in Lodi compared.

For Zin lovers, maybe try some of the Zin’s that go against type from Randy’s article.

Link doesn’t work. Edit: Link works, must have been something wrong with my browser.

Interested in reading this one. Spent much time out there when I was in the Central Valley. Some gems in the rough out there.

Adam, you mentioned fruit from Contra Costa. Do you happen to know the Lucchesis? One of my gems was Mark Lucchesi’s Lucca winery out in the middle of nowhere (Ripon, CA). Sourced his grapes from his elder brother’s vineyard in Contra Costa. Still make the drive out there to add a couple of cases whenever I’m out that way.