A Few Bordeaux- 90 Cos and 01 Lafaurie-Peyraguey

Some visiting company prompts me to open a 90 Cos d’Estournel. The wine is a dark garnet semi-transparent disc with no bricking. The mature Bordeaux nose of forest floor and chocolate covered cherries rise from the glass. Sediment in the bottom and the cork was pristine! On the palate there are the cherries, some chocolate and a menthol like component. No trace of the spice that Cos exhibits at times. Very nice palate weight and smooth as silk. Goes perfectly with the grilled Flank Steak. Nice balance and tannin still in there! I read that Prats thought this vintage of Cos was over the hill. I beg to differ, this wine can go on for quite some time. Next followed a split of 01 LP. This wine has darkened up since my last time and looks like apricot syrup. The wine has a syrup-like mouth feel and weight but the acid backbone keeps it alive on the palate and never cloying. Wonderful nose of orange peel, apricot and orange blossoms. Similar flavors on the palate and I kept thinking a prominent streak of orange marmalade. Just yummy stuff.

The 01 and 03 Lafurie Peyraguey are among the best bargains in wine. Always a crowd pleaser!