a dinner with many legendary wines and my apologies

Well, Francois, you have a new instagram follower!

What an epic meal. That was a joy to read.

As always a great read, and I also follow you on Instagram!


Thank you Francois for a wonderful description of the wine and food.

Great read! Nice to see you posting here again.

Amazing notes. It’s worth pausing to note that the 1945 Mouton is/was half as old as the 1869 Lafite… when those grapes were being pressed, the Lafite was just a mere 76 years old. [wow.gif]

Thank you Francois for returning to the board, and for your notes on those legendary wines.

I had the '61 Jaboulet-Aine Hermitage ‘La Chapelle’ once, from a half bottle, at a dinner I will never forget at Vivarois (at the time, a Michelin *** in Paris). It was the fitting conclusion to the greatest wine evening of my life. That was in 1982. What a wonder for you to have it at 60 years of age rather than 20.

Dan Kravitz

Thank you for all the nice comments. Concerning vertical of Yquem, when I started collecting, I went to auctions and I was helped by an expert in wine who accompanied me in order that I do not make mistakes.
This expert told me that I should buy a century of Yquem, because I could sell if for a fortune. I began to buy old Yquem and at one moment I told my friend : “this is completely stupid, because if I have a century of Yquem, when I drink one bottle, I destroy the century”. And I decided to buy the years that I had already in order to be able to drink one.
I did not push this idea which does not correspond to my philosophy, which is : I buy to drink, I do not buy to have.

And despite this refusal of making a century collection of Yquem, I have drunk 101 vintages of Yquem in the last 22 years.
Cheers to all and thank you for your nice words.

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Absolutely amazing dinner and collection of legends. Thank you for sharing this experience with us François!