A classification, vintages and impressions of Loire reds

I’ve really enjoyed it in Chinon and Beaujolais. Have not tried any Bordeaux, have you Howard?

Have had several burgs but only one Bordeaux - had the second wine of Brane Cantenac Thursday night. Nice freshness that I really responded to, but without enough fruit to be from a really good vintage. Not sure whether this a reflection on the vintage or the fact that this was a second wine.

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I used to taste with Mai and Kenji on an annual basis at the Salon-Saint-Jean in Angers, which features a lot of natural, biodynamic, low-intervention growers.

I liked Mai and Kenji very much, they were always charming and friendly, and initially the wines were OK, simple vin de soif style on the whole, but I started to notice too many faults to continue tasting with them.

I remember the last time we tasted together maybe 10+ years ago I tasted their old-vines Chenin and it was plainly faulty (mouse taint). But Kenji looked at me and said something along the lines of “it has some peculiarities, but we are gradually getting used to these peculiarities in our wines.”

I never tasted with them again (and in truth I haven’t seen them in years).