'99. Great for Luftballons and red Burgs

I love 1999 for red Burgundy. There are so many deliciously perfumed reds from top to bottom and the traditional white wine makers seemed to really excel. Ramonet’s reds are fabulous. Roulot made a cracking Bourgogne Rouge in '99 and this humble Colin Santenay was excellent.

  • 1999 Marc Colin et Fils Santenay Vieilles Vignes - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Santenay (11/29/2016)
    Expressive and perfumed nose of dried flowers, sweet berry fruit, root vegetables, espresso and earth. It is full flavoured in the mouth and has a lacy feel. There’s good depth and persistence.

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Nice to hear such a pretty wine is doing well - and very clever title. Chapeau!

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I don’t mean to hijack the thread away from a deserving Burgundy wine, but, not being someone who listens to pop radio, I had never paid any attention to the lyrics of 99 Luftballons. It’s a beautiful little poem, even if it is set to an insipid melody.

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geez, I thought you were going to party like it’s 1999.

Jeremy , I tend to agree with your assesment of 1999 . So I was surprised to read in Khiem Le’s excellent book ( see another recent post ) , the Christophe Roumier comment about 1999 : 1999 red is very irregular in Burgundy , between wines that are too hard and others that are diluted . The beautiful 99’s are difficult to find , in spite of the enormous crop . ( but Christophe is proud of his 99’s )


Maybe we have been drinking only the good '99’s, as I simply don’t get why people say this.

'99 is great from village up - right across the board, and in my experience, I rarely (if ever) see a bad wine, or even just an OK wine, as they all seem to be of an extremely high overall quality, with good balance.

One thing you are guarantted of, is in a blind vintge line up, the '99’s are the blackest, deepest wines, often the ones showing the most promise (along with '05s - and always come out in the top few), with many still in need of more time, but the pure class is so clearly evident.

Over and over, the exact same thing.

And Roumiers '99’s are outstanding, as you know.

From my discussions with the winemakers from the Côtes de Nuits, several have said that not all 1999’s were good: some bad wines were also produced.

Christophe Roumier is the most vocal about this. He clearly thinks that few great wines were produced in 1999.

Most vignerons did not consider 1999 to be as great as 2005, 2010 or 2012.


My experience thus far has been the 99 Village and 1er’s are drinking really well right now. The Grand Cru’s that I have had still need time.

I opened a 99 Pousse, Bousse d’or about 4 months ago that was beautiful, everything I would want in a red burg & Volnay!

I have been a big fan of 1999 since they were first released and have come up with no reasons to feel otherwise in the years since. Two of my very favorites have been Truchot Clos de la Roche and Bachelet Charmes Chambertin.

I have also really enjoyed 1999 Volnays. I am happy to read Jeremy’s notes as I have some Volnay Caillerets from Marc Colin.

I think of 1999 as sort of the 1982 Bordeaux of Burgundy. Rich, easy to love wines. For me, it is one of the three great vintages of the past twenty years along with 2005 (I hope) and 2010 (which I love). I have not liked 2012 as much so far.

Yeah, I’ve never quite gotten it that many folks feel that 99 is not a great vintage, and hear about overcropped wines or wines that are not very good, but I’ve sure not experienced them. Perhaps its just that we are all drinking from the best estates–those that kept yields in check. I’ve been extremely happy with most all of my 99’s. I end up buying a fair chunk of my wine from the cote de Beaune, and it was a great year there. A number of the CdB wines are not close to ready yet.

It is my favourite vintage but do feel that the premier and grand crus need at least another 5 yrs. They are a bit reticent at the moment, having popped a couple in the last few weeks. As noted above, Volnay’s are delicious and perhaps a ‘sweet spot’.

If there are bad bottles of '99 out there I must have artfully avoided them. It is a strange comment from Christophe. From what I’ve heard Aubert de Villaine believes it to be the best vintage he has ever experienced.

yes , I am a big fan , for example of DRC 1999’s : une année solaire , as they call it there . Wonderful wine and the la Tache 99 is the best red Burgundy I ever tasted .


I get the sense that Roumier is pissed that everybody made lots of great wine. CellarTracker tells me I have tried 119 different bottlings from the vintage with barely a dud in the bunch.

To be fair to his argument, some Frenchmen like their wine younger than most American wine collectors allow, but these are worth waiting for. Even in their youth, '99 reds had a gossamer sheen over the top of the structure that made up for the reticent aromas.

Many 1999s have been shut down for years so perhaps that’s what has caused his opinion? I have every confidence they’ll be great with more time.

Ditto 99 LT.

I was lucky to taste 99 DRCs in barrel at the domaine. Took a second mortgage to buy whatever I could. 99 LT blew me away.

Late to the game but I’m also a big fan of few 99s I’ve tried.

The only one that wasn’t open and that was a bit disappointing was Chevillion LSG about 3 years ago.