'96 N-St-G Haut Pruliers, Daniel Rion - excellent!

One of the most elegant Nuits St Georges I have ever had. Good ripeness, depth, personality, finesse, and elegance! Not initially noticeable, but after 6 hours of slow-O there did seem to be a very slight increase in the acids and tannins, not unexpected in a '96, but maybe it was my palate as I finished supper. Still, very, very slight, and overall a near-grand-cru performance!

Patrice Rion was still the winemaker here then. He left in 2000, Coates says, so I suppose the '99s might jave been his last vintage here. I haven’t had any more recent releases from this domaine, so I don’t know if the style has changed any.


Not sure of stylistic changes but let me tell you, at the risk of sounding like I’m pushing my own barrow here, the 2010’s from Daniel Rion are superb (I bring the wines into Australia so water down my comments if you wish). The Vosne ‘Beaux Monts’ and Nuits ‘Lavieres’ are particularly worth seeking out.

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Thanks for the heads-up Jeremy. I will check out my local excellent Burg retailer!

Hi Jeremy
I live in Brisbane and have only recently stumbled across Daniel Rion
Do you know who I can buy from here?

I had the 09 Daniel Rion Nuits St. Georges VV in Paris recently at Au Bourguignon du Marais and it was fantastic. I found the style pure and lively.

Patrice Rion, the winemaker at Daniel, left in 2001, after making the 2000s. He now has his own domaine and very small negociant business, http://patricerion.com/en/welcome where he rents vineyards and farms the grapes. For me, he made excellent wines while at the family domaine and has gotten even much better since at his own domaine. (He is, for me, one of the best winemakers in Burgundy, an opinion that many winemakers there share.) Unfortunately, none of his own wines are really mature, though I had a 2001 Vosne-Suchots over this past weekend that was very promising.

Patrice took several of the 1er crus from the domaine Daniel with him when he left. The Hauts-Pruliers is one that is still there. I’ve had this '96 in the last couple of years and it was as good as Paul says; I gave a 1990 version to a relative in NYC who had a significant birthday last fall. They had it last Friday and reported that it was everything one could want in a maturing Nuits 1er cru…

The wines of the Domaine Daniel Rion are among the most reliably terrific in my collection…while Patrice made the wines, through 2000. My experience is that they have not been as good since, unfortunately…and not surprisingly. Too bad, as their Vosne-1er- Beaumonts was among my very favorite wines in Burgundy when Patrice made it…(And, FWIW, the vineyard, in others’ hands, particularly Rouget’s, is my favorite 1er cru vineyard in Burgundy…)