'91 Fourrier - Griottes, '99 Grivot - Echezeaux

Over dinner at Union Sq Cafe, some brief notes.

'91 Fourrier - Griottes Chambertin - ethereal, lacy texture. The ultimate in class & refinement. A flawless and absolutely superb drink, showing beautifully right now.

'99 Grivot - Echezeaux - full bodied with a hint of cherry on the palate. This has all the stuffing and near perfect balance, but currently a bit wound up. I would wait 3 years before trying my next bottle. Great potential.

had a great 96 Fourier Griottes en magnum
and I like his CSJ
I havent had any profound other wines of his .
Have you like his other wines?

Tried his whole range of '10s two years ago, and they were all great examples of their appellations.
I know there are many others on this board who have more experience than me with this producer, and could chime in… ?

Josh, thanks for your notes. I haven’t had a 1991 Griotte but I’m sure it would have been great.

Fourrier is one of my favourite Domaines, Michel, because I’ve had a number of their wines I’d describe as profound.

Tasting the full 2013 range in barrel (albeit at various stages of malo) I’d agree with Josh that across the range, they are all great examples of their appellations (and they tend all to be old vines). The 2013 CSJ and Griotte in that lineup I’d definitely describe as epiphany wines.

I had a similar experience earlier this year with the 2007 Griotte, one of my WoTY, and recently with the 2007 Combes aux Moines (although I have found bottles of this quite variable).

Fourrier’s CSJs for me often compete with Rousseau to be the best CSJs of the vintage (eg 2009 and 2010, but not 2007). I’ve also recently had a couple of very good 2001 1ers, but I wouldn’t put them quite in the ephinany class (my notes are in CT).

Cheers, Howard