85 Mesnil, 74 Lafite, 00 Brane, 49 Leroy Moose, 64 Vigneau and more

I hate you muchly Jeremy.
My mate bought the La Tache along
was from a good source

Michel, the '43 La Tache was a good bottle and it showed well. It is just that a '43 GE last year was a great bottle that was quite brilliant so we may have had just slightly higher expectations.
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The story of this bottle was told here http://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=102787

The wine would have been better if I had drunk it myself immediately but was appreciated by many on the night so on balance I think I did the right thing.

What was the color like on the Lafite?

Also, my tasting group that has some experience with Bolly Vieilles Vignes Francaise argue that the wine ages more quickly than Grande Annee, but is also better. Thoughts?

The colour of the Lafite was good. It was my wine of the night, followed by the Krug.

Hi Anthony,

I’m more curious about where it fell in the color spectrum. I’ve had a few experiences with ancient Bordeaux, including a pair of 1870 Leovilles that widely diverged (notes on the old Parker board, and I have a side-by-side picture somewhere). I had one that looked more like a Friulian orange wine, and another that was a delicate, translucent ruby.

I assumed Jeremy was merely poking some fun & had no idea you had actually topped off the bottle & recorked it. I wasn’t intending to be snarky so hopefully it wasn’t taken that way.

Incidentally, I’d assume that the leakage was due to pressure changes during the flight (coupled with the old cork, of course)?

1874 Lafite in glass…good colour for the age. it was a great old wine.

Thanks Paul!

Looks much like the better of the two 1870s I tried. Will try to track down my comparison photo.

So just a regular quaffers and pizza night? [worship.gif]

Amazing wines, thanks for sharing an insight into them. Any one of them could have had a dinner framed around it.

The wine was sound in France. That’s why I hate transporting old wine - all the more reason to travel to the source !

Here is the bottle and cork of the 1874 Lafite:


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