8/25 Miami Beach

Is anyone around Miami Beach 8/25? Might have a free night and would be fun to open some bottles.

Yes. Most of the time I’m around Miami Beach. Do you have anything planned already?


Not yet

If you guys end up planning anything let me know.

Lmk if you’re interested and we can plan something, otherwise I’ll grab Cuban food and mojitos haha

I should be in town.

Anyone know any good venues with flexible corkage in Miami Beach/south beach?

Also, theme? I favor burg, of course.

Even though I live in Miami Beach my comfort zone when it comes to good wine-friendly venues leans towards other areas, so if you feel comfortable venturing to Mid-Town / Design District or Wynwood I can find places that are very reasonable with the corkage policy.
Additionally, I wouldn’t mind hosting a wine dinner at my place if we can keep the head count around 8 participants.

I’m open to whatever as long as it’s a relatively short Uber ride.

I’m in

Michael, count me in. Venue wise, we might have better luck with Corkage in Wynwood or Brickell. Mariano seems to know the lay of the land better!

Looks like there’s maybe 5 ppl?

Can someone who lives in Miami figure out a venue? I’m ok with wherever as long as it’s reasonably close to Miami Beach. Also, let me know if there’s a theme people want to focus on; personally I’d prefer burgundy and my cellar is deepest there but am open to whatever people want to bring.

Burgundy works for me. I can bring a bubble to start off the evening. Venue wise I am open to anywhere in Miami area (Miami Beach/Wynwood/Brickell).

If someone can make a reservation at a corkage friendly place once we have a final headcount I’ll bring some nice stuff.

I am in as well but I will leave the venue up to Mariano since I am up in Fort Lauderdale.

I’ll come back with some venue options by the end of this week/early next week. I have only a few burgs in my cellar and none of them are GC, but I can contribute with wines that some may consider “Burgundian” in style, like '94 Tondonia Gran Reserva, '05 Levet La Chavaroche, '95 BAMA just to name some examples.

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I’d be cool with a check in on 05 chav; I bought some of that lately.

I have a few things that may be drinking well atm:

09 Lignier Michelot CDLR
07 Pierre Amiot CDLR
09 Drouhin GE
08 Drouhin CDB

Need to dig in the cellar more.

Are we doing just a red burg event or red & white? I have more white options than red, given that its summer!

Whites are definitely welcome as well.

I have an update on the possible venues:


  • BarMeli69 https://www.barmeli.com/
    This is a casual Mediterranean bistro with a French touch. No corkage fee, and a very reasonable minimum consumption of $50 per person.

To be confirmed but almost certain:

  • Omakai Wynwood https://omakaisushi.com/
    Omakase style. We brought our own bottles there in the past and the corkage fee has varied between $15 per bottle, to $15 on half of the bottles and the rest waived, or even on one occasion they waived the corkage fee completely. Their Omakase Experience menu is $85 per person. The only inconvenience that I can envision about this venue is that is a very small place and they rely on table rotation, they won’t kick us out but as a courtesy, I wouldn’t take a table for more than 2 hours.

Waiting for the confirmation and conditions:

  • Esmé Hotel in Miami Beach https://www.esmehotel.com/dining/
    I’ve never been there but I know the wine a beverage director. She just came back from vacation today, so I’ll have her reply this week.