750Daily: Oltrepo Riesling

Interesting article in 750Daily:

On the growing interest in the Oltrepo Pavese in their two Rieslings.
I don’t have much experience with these wines, mostly R from Sudtirol and Langhe.
I need to search out some.

I wonder if these have changed much in the recent years? I tasted some when visiting Italy in 2015 - wasn’t particularly impressed. Haven’t been a fan of the Alto Adige Rieslings, either - they really don’t match the quality of Riesling from Germany. If I want to drink good Riesling that’s not German, I go for Alsace or Austria. Australia, too.

Although I’m definitely open for any eye-openers that would be able to change my mind! However, based on my previous experiences, I’m not particularly keen on checking for any random Italian Rieslings. If I want good Oltrepò Pavese, I’d rather buy something made from the local varieties.

Otto, I agree with you in general, but, other than the Oltrepo’ (which can be decent at best in my experience), have you had Ettore Germano’s Herzu’? Castel Juval? A different yardstick is required, of course, but I think they are very good wines.

Haven’t had that Castel Juval one, but I’ve had Hérzu twice - once, actually, when visiting Germano. Quoting myself from a tasting note written in 2015: This definitely has nice typicity and lovely purity, but it really doesn’t offer anything that, say, a well-made Rheinhessen village Riesling wouldn’t. Despite all its charms, this is a bit too big, ripe and fruit-forward in style to match the poise and focus of the German Rieslings at a similar price point. Of course there is nothing wrong in making wines like these in Piedmont, but at 18€ I would spend my money on German Rieslings. This is good and delicious stuff, but nothing special to get wild about.

So, yes, a good wine - perhaps among the best Italian Rieslings I’ve had, actually - but still not really my cuppa.

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I recently had a Falkenstein Sudtirol R '19 that was one of the best AA R, one of the best Italian R, I can recall. Loads of Mosel character. Highly recommended.