7/5 bbq at our place in SaMo

If anyone hapens to be around, you’re welcome to join in here in Santa Monica around 5pm.
We’re going to do an Americana theme. We’ll do grilling and a bunch of American dishes. Wines will be good stuff from the USA.

Thanks for the invite, John! We’ve got a wedding to attend, then the rooftop for fireworks with my daughter…

I’ve got to work till seven and don’t have any American wines. But, Columbus AND Amerigo Vespucci were both Italians…should I stop by?

I’m a maybe right now. Might be hard to resist the West Side crew though. [cheers.gif]

Roberto, definitely stop by. We’re down on Berkeley a few blocks sout of your shop.

Chris, yep a bunch of the regulars. Usually means good food and wine.

Hey John,

Unfortunately, Meredith and I can’t make it. Hopefully next time!



HUGE thanks to John and his lovely wife for hosting this and allowing me to basically freeload (although I DID bring some Lambrusco of course and it went FAST).

I have been working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for over a month due to my second in command being out for back surgery and it was WONDERFUL to actually just sit and eat some GOOD food, taste some good wines and chat with nice folks (Berserkers and eBobbers alike and no one got killed).

Thanks a bunch John and Mary. I had a great time. Terrific company with plenty of familiar faces and several new ones. And even Roberto showed up with Lambrusco in tow! [berserker.gif]