66.6% of 2009 is behind us. What is your worst hangover?

Phil and I were at the Telluride Wine Festival…We did a Flannery lunch around 11:00 am and went through about 10 bottles? After a one hour break we went to a rooftop party and went through and 20-30 bottles…around 1am we went to a bar and did shots Jägermeister.

I am guessing the FFII was rougher on The Freak than you.


That’s exactly how I felt all 5 days I was there. I think I’m still recovering.

What Steve didn’t mention was, the following day after the Jager, we had a Rudd vertical tasting at 9:00am.

January en route/in Vegas, I don’t think I’ve ever drank more between 7am-6pm and that includes some college football tailgates that started at 8am! First Class is an enabler…

Fortunately (or unfortunately) I have not yet had a significant hangover in 2009 - there’s still time, though

After the recent dinner with the DC crew at my house with 15 people and over 40 bottles I think…I woke up the next day with a hammer for a head. Holy hell…had to wake up early the next day after going to sleep around 3am too. Obviously that didn’t help matters.

I think about writing this here, but I envision a job interview gone terribly wrong in 5 years due to google. Damn you gooogle [swearing.gif]

So write it about your ‘friend’!

I haven’t had a hangover since I retired (in 2000). I sleep in until I feel alright. I do remember some Memorial Day parties, Monday Night Football, Champagne & Caviar and other activities when I was working and got up at 5-5:30am, no matter what time I went to bed. Some days I was pretty hungover.

And especially at that altitude! You guys rock. [worship.gif]

No hangover in 2009. I think the last time I had a hangover was in January 2002, the day after my 10th wedding anniversary dinner party. Too much champagne, wine and cognac. I rarely drink so much as to get drunk. I don’t like getting drunk - used to when I was a student though.

The day after my 30th in March. We bar-hopped for a couple hours, then got bottle service at the local club.

The next day was rough… [suicide.gif]


Zach’s January VT trip to Mt. Snow. After arriving at 5pm and killing tons of bottles, we thought it was a good idea to drink till almost 4am. The last bottle was a 94 Caymus SS at 3:30 in the morning. Lets just say I hung around with the toilet a bit the next day.

I’m with you Phil. It has to be the tasting at Graileys with Andy. That was a brutal headache the next day…

You threw up? Chick

Notorious for that…

Don’t you mean pussy?

A “friend” of mine had a worst-ever-hangover-so-much-that-she-had-to-call-in-to-work-the-next-day sickness. No food. Lots of tequila shots with our farmers daughter and oyster farmer. Commencing at 2pm. Ending at 2am. Fought with the Valet attendant. Threw water bottles at the bartenders. The only thing “she” was throwing up violently was some weird stomach fluid. Considered taking “her” to the hospital. “She” was better once she was able to down some pedialyte at 1pm the day after.

This was just a few weeks ago. She thinks she survived.

Tico ‘n’ the Toilet down with Zach ‘n’ the Basement.

What to do with you two…

may as well be my middle name

pull the trigger…