6 Taittingers and a 2015 Domaine Blain-Gagnard Le Montrachet

Ha! I had only half a bottle of the Brut la Francaise I mentioned above (which, I think, gives other wines in that $range a really good run for the money). I fell asleep on the sofa, woke at the 12th, and decided to go to bed for real. I DID, perhaps, have the longest sleep in MY history - I knocked off a good 12 hours! Super busy week, and my mind/body told me so. Feel great today and up for…more baseball! Pre-game starts in 6 hours…

Just to update: I purchased both the Prelude and the Marquetterie and have been able to enjoy them and focus on them at home. I now prefer the Marquetterie to the Prelude. Warmer, richer, and hitting the notes that make for an enjoyable experience.

Sooo…I asked my host to send me 6 bottles of white Burgundy that might cost a lot less than the 2015
Blain-Gagnard. I have had a few - nothing profound. But I just went to select a bottle to go with my crab cakes for later, and selected a 2014 Fontaine-Gagnard Vielles Vignes Chassagne-Montrachet. When I received the 6 bottles, I marked the price on them and stored them. Honestly, I did not even check out the labels, since I know little about white Burgundy. How could I resist a taste - even at 11:00 in the morning? No pre-mox here! Lovely medium gold - clear and lovely in my Zalto Universal stem. The nose is not terribly expressive, but on the palate it hits the mark. Quite lovely, though a bit high acid (for my acid-averse palate). Finish is a bit short, and the mouthfeel not very full, but at $46, I shall not complain! I’ll follow it throughout the afternoon as I make my crab cakes, but I think the match will be a good one.

As it opens in the stem, and comes closer to room temp (it was at 55 degrees), the mouthfeel has broadened.

I had better get to making those crab cakes [cheers.gif] .